Wednesday, December 19, 2007

8 Nil Browns

by Coast

I guess the sting has finally worn off just enough for me to write about this game. That doesn't mean I am not still pissed off as I will be until September when Jauron will have another chance to find away to embarrass and piss off Bills fans everywhere.

I want to start by saying I am 100% done giving these coaches a free pass because of injuries. I am sick of hearing Dick Jauron coach of the year acclamations because of the job he has done with all the players on the IR. Out of everyone on the injured reserve for the Bills really only two players matter. Here is the list:

  • George Wilson (Wide receiver turned safety)

  • Anthony Thomas (Old, slow running back)

  • Kiwaukee Thomas (Not a starter, lost some depth at the position)

  • Matt Murphy (Who?)

  • Derek Shouman (Rookie 7th round pick)

  • Peerless Price (I don't know a single person who actually liked him)

  • Kevin Harrison (Again, who?)

  • Jason Whittle (Not a starter but lost some depth)

  • Paul Posluszny (First person I care about on this list.)

  • Jason Webster (Terrible signing, this dude got lit up all pre season)

  • Kevin Everett (May have hurt the team emotionally)

  • KO Simpson (Second guy on this last I care about)

So, enough of this bullshit about the coaching doing a great job with injuries. Only 2 good players got hurt. Our coaching staff is a disgrace, period.

I have attended two road games this season and probably spent around 4 or 5 hundred dollars total to go to Heinz Field and Cleveland Browns Stadium. The Bills managed just two field goals in the two games combined. The team did not show up in either game. The coaching was awful in both games. So many Bills fans were excited about this team and spent their money and time to travel through the blizzard to watch their team play only to get punched in the stomach by our gutless head coach.

The gutlessness of this guy never ceases to amaze me. How many times this season has Dickhead Jauron packed it in with over a minute left and timeouts left in the first half? Good teams try and score. Scared teams take it to half. I don't give a shit who is in at quarterback in those situations. I don't care if Hamdan is in there. If you are down 8-0 with 3 timeouts and a minute and a half left you try and score, plain and simple.

On the Bills second drive they got into field goal range. From the 23 yard line, they faced a 4th and 13. They decided to go for it because apparently Lindell couldn't make the kick from that distance. Edwards had not even come close to completing a pass over 10 yards let alone a pass period thus far in the game. The Bills did not convert. later in the half, The Browns attemped a 48 yarder and made it from the same side of the field. Dawson's leg is 8 yards stronger than Lindell's? I watched Lindell warm up at half time on that side of the field. He tried a 40 yarder and it hit the up right about 3/4 of the way up the goal posts. I blame that 100% on the head coach. He should make sure he knows the max distance his kicker could kick in the conditions. He couldn't possibly have thought we could possibly convert that fourth down...but he is Dick Jauron. This brings me to another point. Nearly every single time on 3rd and long yardage the Bills came out in 2 wide receiver sets. How do you expect to pick up 10 yards with only Reed and Evans in there? Does Jauron and Fairchild realize that we don't have a tight end that can catch the football down the field? On third and long defenses are usually in the Nickel or the Dime. This means they have at least 5 defensive backs on the field. If they only need to cover 2 receivers between the 5 of them, how do you expect them to get open? On that fourth down play, only 2 receivers in the game.

Then, we go to the fourth quarter. Still down 8-0 with about 6 minutes to go. The Bills face a 3rd and 8. They run a draw and pick up 5. Good call, now they are going to go for it on 4th and only need 3...right? Wrong, they punt. They ran it on 3rd and 8 only to punt the football back to the Browns down by 8 points with 6 minutes left with their season on the line. You have got to be KIDDING me.

Then, on the last drive, the Bills Josh Reed catches a ball on the side line and gets pushed out of bounds. The clock doesn't stop for some reason. Dick Jauron has to be livid. I mean, Christ, I would have ran half way across the field parking at the officials. Where was Jauron? Nowhere to be found. That play cost Buffalo 27 seconds.

Later on in the drive, on 4th down and 5 from the 10, the Bills run a screen pass. They had no timeouts left and their was under 20 seconds remaining. How can you make this call? I know Fairchild calls the plays, but does Jauron not have a clue what play he is calling? As the head coach, can't he step in and tell Steve that he is an idiot and to throw the ball to the end zone. Even if somehow we convert the first down and get stopped in bounds, we would run out of time. Absolutely head scratching play. How does an NFL coach make decisions like that? I have never seen another team in the league in my entire life that plays as scared as this team and is as stupid on game days as this team. I don't give a shit about the week and how the team prepares or how hard they try. Games are won and lost in Sundays and our coach is the worst on Sundays that I have ever seen.

That brings up another point. I am god damn sick of people saying that the players on the Bills defense have good motors. You know what that means? That means that they are bad and need to have good motors to ever make it in the league. Aaron Schobel has the biggest motor and he is terrible. I am sick of this motor shit. Why don't we bring in some god damn linebackers that are over 220 pounds. The Bills made Jamal Lewis look like a hall of famer this weekend. Why? Because he outweighs our god damn linebackers. He can just blow through them. He probably outweighed half our defensive line.

Can Dickhead Jauron make a half time adjustment? At one point in the game the Bills ran the ball on 16 of 18 first downs. At halftime, as a coach can't you see that what you were trying to do in the first half did not work at all. You can't come up with a game plan to score a single point against the 32nd ranked defenese in the league? Jauron isn't smart enough to come up with something????? This guy went to Yale!! Wow, who were they letting into Yale back then. What an embarrassment to Yale and the entire IVY League. You would think he is smart. Well if he is smart he certainly can't think on his feet on Sundays.

Peters made the pro bowl. Only if our offensive line could run block. Way to get dominated in the trenches by the Browns.

Edwards was 13-33 and is 24-56 in the past 2 games in sub par weather. He is supposed to be Mr. Accurate. Can he handle the Buffalo weather? I am not ready to say no, but it doesn't look good.

Finally, Browns fans are idiots. First of all, the only thing they kept saying before the game to talk shit is ohhh four straight loses in the super bowl or something related to that. How can you possibly talk shit about a team losing 4 super bowls in a row when your team has been to a grand total of zero?? Don't give me this NFL championship bullshit from the 60s. We got some AFL championships. They don't count. Congratulations Browns fans, you beat us for the first time in 18 years and you needed a god damn blizzard, a lucky ass safety, a lucky ass third and long conversion in which your stud receiver dropped the ball and it landed in Jurevicous' hands for like 3o yards, and a lucky ass field goal where your kicker pulled it out of his ass. That was a lucky kick. He had to play like 20 yards of wind and somehow got lucky and made it.

Finally, what is with the barking. You know how ridiculous it sounds when you just bark as like a team chant. What a joke. "Here we go Brownies, Here we go, woof woof." Give me a break. See you in Orchard Park next year and I can guarantee things will be a little different. Good luck agianst whoever you play in the playoffs, you aren't winning a game with the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL unless you get another Nor'Easter which magically hits at 12:45 on Sunday.

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  1. I like the fact that this one game somehow showed Bills nation that we need a big target for the quarterback. i.e. a 6'3"-6'5" receiver/ tight end. i think ive mentioned it for 2 years now, spoke about it for 3 weeks leading up to j-ville and officially confirmed it after that game. shit, where has everyone been?

    by the way, love the "motor" point. i thought 99% of nfl players had to be well conditioned athletes, i guess i was wrong.

    also, kiwaukee getting hurt should be 3rd on the list. he covered the slot and with him out, donte had to cover k2 in the slot, leaving "mr. return" jim leonhard on the back end. losing ko hurts def. expect big things from him next year.

    the other thing i hate is when jauron says "he's an intelligent football player" in reference to scrubs like jim leonhard. there isnt a positive attribute that he can come up with for the guy(s) so he drops the generic b.s. he got plowed by jamal a couple times.

    love the lb point, i hate ellison, he's utterly useless other than providing a primary read for the other qb when he plays the cover 2