Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buffalo sports links 12/13

  • Bills offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild is leaving but not until after the season unlike that ass hole Petrino. ( Good riddance Fairchild[just hope this doesn't mess up Trent in '08])
  • Trent Edwards is blowing up. He is getting run in the Jungle with Jim Rome and other news outlets. Maybe its the fact he has nearly as many wins as Losman already.
  • Trent rookie of the week again? Vote!
  • Browns stole Cieslak from us.
  • Perry Fewell the next Bills cordinator to peace out?
  • USA Today giving us some run.
  • Kevin Everett on the cover of .
  • Dan Briere commercial on Versus
  • Yeah, the Sabres played Wednesday, and won 5-3
  • Kelsay probably will play, other injury updates from Chris Brown
  1. Bills are +5.5 against the browns
  2. If you're not going to the game that sucks
  3. Make that 1 goal in 17 games for Max.. and counting.
  4. Rule 5 draft 2007

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