Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills podcast

WNY Watercooler Talk podcast hosted by Steve. A break down of the Bills and dolphins game Sunday December 9th. Trent gloves? Mularkey play calling? 3rd string qb 4th string rb for the dolphins? Prediction and other fun stuff

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  1. If Trent plays well and the Bills win, he can wear gloves and a scarf.

  2. this blog sucks, he does half hour rant on the game selling out or not selling out. The game sold out asshole at noon, deadline is 1pm. Janis, I heard you blew a guy?

  3. who the fuck wrote the above comment? go fuck yourself you fucking loser.. do you even know the difference between a podcast and a blog? read a fucking newspaper, check out wikipedia you dumb fuck.. and yea it was your dead grandpa i remember him telling me inbetween the stories about how he used to rape you that his wife couldn't get him arroused