Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in review, this isn't pretty.

by Steve

The year ended about as horribly as it started for Buffalo sports fans in 2007. From the crushing defeat at the hands of the Senators after so much hype and promise, to the drafting of a running back in the first round (which actually looks like a great move) to July 1 one of the darkest days in Sabres history to the Broncos game and the Cowboys game, to December 31, 2007 the day Levy resigned. Holy shit what an awful year.

It is tough to put into words the agony defeat and utter-hopelessness a Buffalo sports fan endures on a daily bases. Another 7-9 season, a Sabres team that went from 1st to worst(just about) in less than 1 day, and also from the favorite to win the Stanley Cup to a pathetic afterthought in 5 games in the Eastern Conference finals, 2007 was not a good year for the franchise. Sure there were some high times down at Seymore H Knox plaza but that is mostly an after thought now.

For arguments sake I'll say the loss to Ottawa was worse than losing Briere and Drury, mostly because realistic fans knew they were gone after that over time loss in game 5 at HSBC arena at the hands of Daniel Alfredson. July 1st was just an after thought, because we all should have known with Darc/Quinny at the helm they would fuck it up, and they did, royally.

What might have been worse than losing those two players, well it wasn't actually worse, but the famous press conference after the debacle that was July 1st. We got such classics as "we will be less competitive" and "everyone has to remember this is a two legged horse here" Now Campbell is on his two legged horse out the door.

What a train-wreck of a football season as well. From the first game in September to the last day of December Bills fans everywhere only knew heartache and pain. First was the Broncos game, where the Bills played like shit Losman looked like he wasn't a starter, and Steve Fairchild seemed destined to destroy the team with a lack of faith in his players and a lack of vision and creativity the o-coordinator position requires. Before the game was over we lost are free safety who some including me had high hopes for. Then with less than 2 minutes left a garbage QB took a bad Broncos team down the field didn't spike the ball with 11 seconds left rushed the FG unit onto the field and kicked a game winning field goal with :00 on the clock.

AND it wasn't the worst home loss of the year. The losses continued to pile up as the quarterback play was awful and the coaching staff questioned after every disappointing decision. "Are you ready for some football" Yup Monday Night Football was back in Buffalo. The Bills defense completely owned Tony Homo or so it seemed. Nope the Bills and their idiot coaching staff, rookie QB, and worthless POS o-coordinator cost the team a chance at knocking off an undefeated team at home at night in prime time. The Cowboys scored a late touchdown, Jabari Greer made a great play on Owens to break up a two point conversion. So what happen? The Cowboys recovered an onside kick, completed two passes without a timeout and kicked not one but two field goals to win the game in heart wrenching head splitting agony. Gomer and his group of over rated assholes and piece of shit owner stomped on the Bills their owner their fans and the city. AND it wasn't the most embarrassing prime time loss of the season in Buffalo.

The Bills regrouped, oh wait I forgot to mention also that their 3rd round pass catching Tight End due for a break out season nearly lost his life and certainly lost his NFL career in game 1. They won some games, even got another prime time game SNF was back in Buffalo for the first time since 1994 or something. The Bills lost by 46 to the Patriots it was awful.

BUT they regrouped again, Losman lost the Jaguars game couldn't do anything against Miami, and Trent took over again. Neither QB showed they are worthy starter caliber players in this league. AHH then the Browns game, where it snowed worse than at any game I've ever been to, we couldn't even score a point, Jamal drug dealer Lewis ran roughshod over our team, but at least we exposed them for the frauds they were. Losing to Cinci was a worse loss than any the Bills had in 2007 if you can take solace in that.

The Bills finished the season with 3 straight losses as we all know, but what was more shocking, on the last day of the year things got worse. Marv Levy retired. I wanted continuity for one more season under Marv. A new coordinator, a year for Jauron to learn from his mistakes, and another solid draft. Instead we'll be the laughing stock once again by making John Guy our gm, the o coordinator will be Schonert and I may quit the blog.

Here's hoping for a better 2008 and a solid pick @ #11 to go with our 10 selections in the 2008 draft

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