Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shut off the lights

by Steve

A seemingly fitting end to the Buffalo Bills 2007 home schedule came today with mid thirties, rain, and an awful performance. The weather Sunday was, outside of tornado or hurricane, the worst possible one could dream up for a sporting event, especially for the fans. It was absolutely miserable but not as bad as the Bills play.

The 38-21 shalacking today was the perfect ending to an up and down Bills home schedule that saw them play two prime time games, get blown out in one, lose on a last second field goal in the other, and all I can remember is embarrassment.

Not to be all doom and gloom but the season was pretty much over before it started, and it all started at home. The Broncos game was a complete joke, it proved we didn't have a quarterback, a coach, a tight end, not to mention it was a pivotal home game against a conference team.

Things got much worse before they got better. Injuries to Ko and Paul P, Everett, Price then of course week 5. The Cowboys game was the icing on the cake. A proverbial nail in the coffin, gut wrenching infamous loss that will haunt me for seasons to come. But things did improve. Sure they beat up on awful teams, but they did rattle off some nice victories including the Ravens game with McGayhee returning for the first time.

Bills nation had some hope, not only in a quarterback, but in a coach, a team, and a shot at the playoffs with 3 weeks to play. Things came crashing to a halt in the bad weather however, and the teams flaws and major weaknesses haven't been more evident than in the past two weeks. Getting run all over for about 500 yards in two games, a QB that probably has never seen a snow flake before, or at least looked that way, and a WR corps that is abysmal. (Why don't the Bills practice outside in the elements a few days a week? Why haven't we been running screens to Beast Mode all season? Why are Kelsay/Schobel making $75 million? Why is it so grueling to be a Bills fan?)

The 2007 season at the Ralph was a decent one, with both MNF and SNF making a return, the emergence of an elite running back, and 8 strong sell outs, maybe things weren't all bad. You gotta give it to the fans for showing up in full force today especially, and I can only see better things in store for 2008, from the fans, to the QB, to the defense because hey


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