Thursday, January 3, 2008

NFL mock draft round 1

by Andy

With only 4 months before the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall, I figured it would be a good time to get my first Mock Draft going. I only did non playoff teams and picks 3,4 and 5 will be decided by a coin toss. I did a coin toss and here's how I see the draft playing out right now, before FA and trades start:

1. Miami Dolphins - Glen Dorsey, DT, LSU - The Phin's need to stop the run and with the Tuna in town, that will be top of his to do list. Dorsey is the best "pro ready" DT in college football right now and also has the ability to rush the passer. Look maybe also for Matt Ryan. Parcells might do what he did his first year at New England and draft a franchise QB, a la Drew Bledsoe.

2. St. Louis Rams - Chris Long, DE, Virginia - With another year of poor defensive play, the Ram's go with the best DE in the draft. Their interior line is very young but strong. With Long on the outside, stopping the run should not be a problem for this team.
Long will give them a play maker from the end position who works hard and never gives up on plays. He's a high intensity, high motor guy that coaches love.

3. Atlanta Falcons - Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas - They missed out on Peterson last year and Dunn is aging quick. Probably the most talented player in draft, tough for the Falcons to pass up. Norwood can't carry the load, so this pick is easy for Arthur Blank and Company. Could go QB but I think they will look in free agency or making a move later in the draft. Chris Reddman looks good though.

4. Oakland Raiders - Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC - Warren Sapp is going to retire soon and that leaves the Raiders D-Line in rough shape. Ellis is a freak of nature and will fill Sapp's shoes nicely.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Jake Long, OT, Michigan - Larry Johnson needs more holes. With poor QB play, LJ is going to again be carrying the load for the Chiefs. If that is the case, Long is the best choice because the guy is a monster and will replace Willie Roaf, a future HOF from 2 years ago.

6. New York Jets -
Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State - The Jets simply can not rush the passer. Vilma's play has continuously decreased since his rookie year. Last years steal, David Harris, is panning out very nicely and if paired with Gholston, the J-E-T-S could see a significant increase in the pass rushing category. Gholston is a no brainer.

7. New England Patriots
(From San Francisco 49ers) - James Laurinitis, LB, Ohio State - Could Bills nation catch a break? The Patriots LB core is old, I'm talking farting dust old. Look for them to go LB here or CB if Samuel leaves but I think they still go LB. Laurinitis is the best "MKE" in the draft, so the Pat's will go with him as their choice.

8. Baltimore Ravens -
Malcom Jenkins, CB, Ohio State - Billick is gone so they might look for a QB here. Brohm would be a good choice. But I think they give Troy Smith a year and see what he can do. Should have played him a lot earlier because Kyle "I should have been a bowler" Boller (Thanks Skip) just is not good. Ravens CB's got injured a lot this year and Samari Rolle isn't a "boy" anymore. Jenkins is a great replacement for this aging defense.

9. Cincinnati Bengals - Keith Rivers, LB, USC - This is a stretch but I just looked at the LB's on their roster and it is embarrassing. Could go Dan Conner or Kenny Phillips, but they definitely need Defense. Marvin Lewis is a D guy and their offense is solid as long as the sign Ocho Cinco.

10. New Orleans Saints -
Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida - Mike McKenzie is the only good CB on the team. Last year they went out and got Jason David from the Colts, and if you watched any games this year, he got undressed every time they went after him. Jenkins starts opposite McKenzie and allows that Defense to get to the QB more without worrying about David picking up his jock strap.

11. Buffalo Bills - Dan Conner, LB, Penn State - The Bills biggest needs are possession WR and CB, but this draft is loaded with them. They go and get Conner to replace the undersized Ellison and
DiGiorgio. Conner played with Poz at Penn State so they will mesh perfectly together. If not Conner, I still think they look LB and possibly at Rivers.

Denver Broncos - Kenny Phillips, S, Miami - John Lynch might be done with the NFL and headed to the CBS booths but I think he's got one more year in him. Phillips will be a paired next to him, learning from a great hard hitting safety. He is compared to guys like Ed Reed and the late Sean Taylor, so this should not be a hard pick for the Broncos.

13. Carolina Panthers - Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State - The Panther's two OT's are FA's this year so look for them to go with Clady. They have two good running backs which haven't gotten it going yet because a week OL. Clady will give them the running holes they need and also their QB, who ever it will be, more time to hit his WR's.

14. Chicago Bears - Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College - Ryan is their guy because their D is still solid, and they will find a RB in FA (Julius Jones is my guess). With Devin Hester showing the Bears he can and wants to play WR, they need someone that can throw him the ball. Orton is a solid backup with a killer beard, but not a #1 in the NFL.

15. Detroit Lions -
Calais Campbell, DE, Miami - The Lions need a help on D. Campbell is good at stopping the run and a decent pass rusher. Looks like a mold of Mario Williams. Calais may have more potential than any other defensive player in the draft. Was a top 5 pick pre-season but did not have the stand out year he wanted to. Good compliment to Shaun Rogers.

16. Arizona Cardinals -
Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi - Should probably go D here but this pick solidifies their O Line for years to come. With Russ Grimm there to teach him and last years pick Levi Brown to help him, Oher is a solid and safe pick. Fans will be upset not going D, but this ties together an offense ready to have a break out year. (I know everyone says that about them every year)

17. Minnesota Vikings - Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky - I think Brohm is also a good choice, I just don't know if he will be there. Jackson shows signs of being a good QB, but I think Childress is done waiting. With the Vike's O line and the Peterson/Taylor combo this could be a very high powered Offense for a long time. Sidney Rice waiting for someone who can hit him in stride and watch him make plays down field.

18. Houston Texans- Sam Baker, OT, USC - The Texans invested a lot in Matt Shaub and they need him to stay on his feet and better yet, on the field. Baker is an extremely good pass blocker and will be able to open holes for Green.

19. Philadelphia Eagles - Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma - Who ever the QB is in Philly will need a big possession WR to throw too. Kevin Curtis is not a #1 but a solid #2. Kelly is a large target with good speed and hands. Might shy away from WR due to what happened with Freddy Mitchell, but they need to open up with passing game to take some pressure off Brian Westbrook.


  1. Dan Connor would be a great pickup for the Bills. The LB position lacks any kind of depth. Behind Crowell and Ellison we have Haggan, Stamer, and Blake Costanzo. None of these guys should see the field except for special teams. At least at corner there is Youboty (who was basically a rookie this year), Greer, and Jason Webster. The more I think about, linebacker makes so much sense in round 1.

  2. If we don't get a solid big WR in FA AND we don't address that position in the first round, who do you think we go with? I say James Hardy out of Indiana. Only saw one game of his on tv (I think it was against Penn State) but the guy is a monster at 6'7" 215.

    2007 numbers...13 games, 79 rec, 1125 yds, 16 tds.

  3. I also like Hardy ... I think that he will be around in the second round. There are a lot of big WR's coming out this year, and a lot of FA's also. I think the Bills try and address that problem in FA.

    Other WR's in the draft I like ...

    Adarius Bowman 6'3 225 OKLAHOMA STATE

    Limas Sweed 6'4" 219 TEXAS

    Marcus Henry 6'3" 205 KANSAS


  4. Redman looking good? Yeah, Monday's are looking good too. It's like your looking forward to going to work on Monday. Chris Redman will not win any games for you. You say, Orton isn't a #1 but Redman is? I know you didn't say that but it seems like you are implying that he is #1. I know your a lot smarter than that. Honestly, could you say you are satisfied with Redman, Lemon, Troy Smith, or Jackson as your starting qb? Lemon and Smith are lucky they don't start for CFL teams. Losman is better than those qbs.

    McNabb, Pennington, dare I say Rogers?, and Losman should be all available.

    I disagree with Minnesota's pick, I think they will either trade for Pennington or McNabb. Honestly, I don't see any QB going before the 20th pick. There is no clear cut #1 in my opinion. I heard Ryan was but Brennan is nasty, Brohm could start next year. Woodson? I'm not sold on black qbs once they can't run fast anymore.

  5. Redman did look good compared to Joey H, and Leftwich. Is he a number one? No, I'd never agree to that. Orton is not a number one. I dont think so at all. Good college player ... but not a good NFL player. Decent, not good.

    The Dolphins took Beck, so I look for them to go D in round one ... they have Ginn too, so I think they should are set for now, on offense. But its the Tuna so who knows.

    Baltimore, who knows what they do. If it were my pick id, go QB. With a new coaching staff and no real # 1 ... they should go qb, but will they I dont know.

    This mock draft was done as to what i think they will do, not what i think they SHOULD do.

    Colt Brennan did not impress me against a ligit team like Georgia. Yea the guy can sling the ball, against bad D 1 teams like Louisiana Tech Monroe Community College A&M ... errr ... but against a good D, he did not look to hot. Yea his line didnt give him time so he had to do things quicker, but hey, Georgia's D is not an NFL D so I say he still goes day 1, just round 2.

    Don't hate me, hate Todd McShay.

    Props for your girl on Enforcers AP, Razor was getting after her lol.


  6. haha, I didn't think anyone saw her on that show, I didn't think anyone watched that channel.

    Woodson? A black qb is good for about 5 years tops, Vick (vastly over-rated), McNabb all started to suck once they couldn't run anymore.

  7. I said Woodson bc he is one of the best qb's in the draft. not bc i think he is the answer. If i had to pick a qb, i'd wait till 4th round. get guys like tom brady and trent edwards (bills plug) instead of alex smiths and ryan leafs.

    I dont watch that show but my dad had it on and i just happened to be in the room.

    Props on the tounge ring though.


  8. Todd McShay of Scouts Inc. on the Bills:

    11. Buffalo Bills

    Record: 7-9

    Biggest needs: TE, CB, WR, LB, DT

    Projected pick: DeSean Jackson*, WR, California

    Jackson could join forces with former Cal teammate and current Bills RB Marshawn Lynch to give Buffalo one of the most exciting young offensive skill groups in the NFL. Jackson still has room to improve as a route-runner and he must get stronger in order to endure a 16-game NFL schedule. Much like Ted Ginn Jr. (No. 9 overall to Miami last season), however, Jackson's home run ability after the catch, on vertical routes and returning punts will be too tempting for a team with a top-15 draft pick to pass on.

    A) if they go reciever with Rivers and Conners on the board, bills nation will not be happy.

    B) if they do go WR for some reason and take 6'0", 179, 4.35 40meter Jackson over 6'4", 217, 4.5 40 meter Malcolm Kelly ... we are in for another long long season.

    I still say we look WR in FA. There are a lot of big WR's that could be traded or signed. I hope McShay is wrong on this pick.