Thursday, January 17, 2008

Turk Schonert?

By Coast

Turk Schonert? Does Ralph Wilson realize the Bills finished 30th in the NFL in offense in each of the past 2 seasons? They had 22 offensive touchdowns in a 16 game season for Christ sake. Well the players like him and it will preserve continuity among the offense. There will be much of the same terminology that was in place a year ago. ..

This my friends, is a JOKE. The offense can't get worse than it was the past two years. Mike Martz WAS on the market. Norm Chow just got fired because he was severely handicapped with Vince Young. There were guys we could bring in with some credibility. I don't give a shit about keeping the same terminology and having continuity when we produced 22 touchdowns on offense for an entire God Damn season.

Turk Schonert has shown that he is a good coach though. I mean look what he did with first round pick JP Losman who had all the physical talent in the world. At least Edwards improved as the season went on this year in losing his last 3 games and looking inept at the position.

Oh yeah, Schonert was on staff under Wade Phillips from 1998-2000. What a job he did with Rob Johnson who also had great physical talent. Is it the players in Losman and Johnson who are too dumb or is the coach? What credibility does this guy even have? He is going to be running our offense, oh my God I feel sick to my stomach. He was QB coach in New Orleans in 2005 which ironically is the same year Aaron Brooks fell off the face of the Earth. In 2003 he was the QB coach of the Giants. Kerry Collins had a quarterback rating of 70.7 and the team won 4 games all year.

Don't worry, it gets better. In 2001 he was the QB coach of the 1-15 Carolina Panthers. Heisman Trophy Winner Chris Weinke had a 62 rating. He also had a stint with the Bucs from 1992-1995 in which the passing game ranked 15, 20, 17 and 26. These rankings actually sound good compared to what we are used to.

The point is...this guy has no history of success. He has been around bad football teams every year in this league. He has never ran an offense. Wow the more I think about this, the worse it seems. The Bills are going to be bad on offense and probably as a team for the foreseeable future.


  1. Yeah, but Turk is going to use a fullback.... I can't wait to hear "The Buffalo Bills select Owen Schmitt, fullback from West Virginia University" on Draft Sunday.

  2. coast

    like the post, completely agree. i love the facts you use in order to support your opinion. damn, i sound like a college professor, but, the turks track record seems below mediocre at best. i think you have to cut him some slack with the weinke thing, he was already on the downside of his career at age 34 that season... right?

    is anyone else sick of hearing something like this... "(so and so) is really struggling with the new coordinator and the new system." you are a professional football player, it is your job to know the system. thats why there is an offseason. does any one team have an incredible amount of different run plays available in its playbook? i mean this isn't like we're running the wishbone or anything. don't the majority of passing plays feature a "route tree" with a combination of long, medium, and short routes, mixed with a safety valve option? whose scheme is so outrageous that professionals can't grasp it over the course of the upcoming months.


  3. hes a good coach. its not his fault for what people do, its their own.