Monday, January 21, 2008

Peace out Hargrove

by Steve

Just what the Bills needed, another hole to fill. It was widely rumored for nearly a week that D-end Anthony Hargrove failed another drug test, meaning he would miss an entire season, it didn't become fact until last night/earlier today. LINK

Two failed drug tests, beating up Rochester Cops, damn what a wild ride it was for Hargrove since the Bills got him for a fifth round pick from the Rams last season. The dude is obviously a dumb ass, how do you fail that many drug tests? You are a millionaire athlete you have the rest of your life to smoke up and get high, you can't stop for a few years and play professional sports??! What an ass hole.

Enough about him, whom hopefully will never be playing for the Bills ever again, what does the suspension mean to the Bills defense? Well, lets see, he was a high motor guy who played special teams, spelled the $75 million two headed monster that is Kelsay and Schobel, and sometimes lined up as a d-end but in the tackle spot. So really, who knows. The Bills are too heavily invested at the position to really look d-end in the first three rounds of the draft, unless of course they find something really special that has dropped, which I am all for. Especially since Schobel and Kelsay are about as close to being called busts as two over payed underachievers can get.

So if something is there late in the 2nd round that is wayyy to good to pass up or a value pick in the third, grab him, other wise wait til later in day two. That is, unless you can trade one of those two bums and get fair value! Which is unrealistic and not going to happen.

There in lies the problem. They have to immovable objects that can't move an Offensive tackle and are making a shit load of money. The young player that still had some upside and brought energy to the team is gone. Maybe this loss is bigger than even I imagine.

Here are the defensive ends still on the roster, Denney, Al Wallace, Copeland Bryan, long snapper Ryan Neill, and Corey Mace. I don't know who those dudes are besides Ryan Denney, and I don't wanna know who those dudes are. The Bills need to scour free agency and find a lower second tier d-end that make some plays, produces against the run, and isn't a white underside douche that runs 10 yards past any QB/RB/FB on the field, we already have three of those.

The way I see, we have a major need at Linebacker, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Defensive Tackle and now Defensive End probably in that order. Hopefully a tall possession receiver can be taken care of early in free agency and with all the picks the Bills have ,a potential impact D-end could be found early on day 2.

All I know is this, Hargrove's weed smoking habits have made the offseason that much more important and interesting.

God help us all.

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