Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bills stuff

Losman update from the News
Still, Losman considers himself a starting quarterback. He was not happy about how quickly, in his view, the Bills organization was to jump off his ship and anoint Edwards. He felt he deserved a greater commitment from the Bills.

“I think he’s honestly doing a very classy thing not bringing up a big distraction because it could get ugly if he let it,” Evans said. “But I think he’s handling it the right way, doing his thing, going about his business, and he’ll see what happens.”

  • James Hardy piece
  • No tailgating @ Roger Centre Fucking ass clowns can't even drink beer or grill outside the stadium.. "They should know. Bills fans are No. 9 in the 32-team NFL when it comes to tailgating excellence, according to one ranking. As such, they are incredulous that there are no T.O. parking lots that will allow any form of regular tailgating, with open containers, grilled vittles, lawn chairs, etc. Toronto the Good taken to the extreme."
  • Toronto fans not up for the game"while a sellout has been announced, organizers have been careful to say 53,000 tickets have been "distributed'' not "sold.'' It's believed up to 15,000 tickets have been given away through various means, angering fans who paid real money."
  • Evans close to an extension, like real close?"The quicker we get it done the better," said Evans. "It would be one less thing to worry about or even think about. We're getting closer, closer than we have been, so that's a good sign that we're taking steps in the right direction.''

Ocho Cinco officially?

Also the Patriots signed former Bronco Safety John Lynch

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