Sunday, August 10, 2008

Preseason game 1 reaction

by Steve

  • Trent's numbers were bad but he wasn't awful. He was by no means good, but the pass to Parrish on 3rd down was nails. Two balls were tipped, one the WR got bumped at the goal line and Hardy didn't make a cut, or at least thats what it seemed like.
  • The Bills o-line blows. False starts kill any drive, ESPECIALLY on third down.
  • This team needs Jason Peters back BIG TIME. I mean fucking hugggggggggely need him back. The o-line looked like a travesty without him.
  • Losman played his usual self. He has nothing to play for and was playing against backups. He had some nice throws but he showed why he sucks. He took a sack on 3rd down, the pass to Parrish was under thrown and up for grabs, and he took a hit on it. Later he over threw Parrish when the ball needed to be lower and inside so he could make a play. I don't know.. Its Losman thats all I can say. Nice balls to Hardy for the TD and Jenkins for the 2pt conversion.
  • Trent should have played another series.
  • Parrish was all over the field.
  • The Bills failed to score touchdowns and had the bend don't break mentality on defense. It was a rerun of all of 2007, which scares me.
  • Glad Parrish and McGee weren't in the return game and McKelvin were.
  • Thank god Lynch only touched the ball twice.
  • Where is Jason Peters?
  • Remember, this was the Redskins 2nd preseason game and the Bills first.
  • The crowd was kind of embarrassing, what happen to Redskin nation/ the pigs?
  • Turk Schonert got a lot of run/air time.
  • Is Alex Van Pelt really the QB coach?
  • Poz looked decently good.
  • Youboty stood out.
  • Kelsay sucks.
  • Hardy had a dropped ball and missed a cut but had a nice TD catch and could be a p.i.m.p. in the red zone.
  • I wish I printed out the roster before watching the game. I had no idea who 1/3 of the squad was.
  • Next game is in Toronto on Thursday and I might kill my self. WTFFFFFFFF, is it going to be showed live?

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  1. Don't make excuses for Trent Edwards' performance. Yeah, it was one quarter in the first preseason game but the dude completed one ball. The red zone offense was terrible, Evans didn't get a look. Aaron Rodgers managed to complete 4 balls to Driver and 3 balls to Jones in their first pre season game with all the pressure in the world on him. But our quarterback can't even look to his number one guy. Is this a sign of things to come this year? Are we just going to see more of the same this season as we did last season? Where is the jump ball to Hardy on third and goal? Three carries for Lynch was way too many. We need Jason Peters so bad. I need to see something from our QB position Thursday night or else I am going to be nervous. Someone get on the horn with 71 make sure he is alive, this dude has already thrown away like 300 grand in fines. Jason holds out cause he doesn't like his salary so he's going to decrease it by like 10 percent? Makes sense to me. Get in camp for the love of God.