Sunday, August 24, 2008

Preseason game 3 wrapup

by Steve

  • Langston Walker has a forearm bruise doesn't seem too serious.
  • Losman is a good backup quarterback in this league.
  • The running game was a big question mark heading into the game and it is now an even bigger question mark.
  • Walker getting hurt during the game makes you realize how important depth and having Peters is, shiaaat. He now has the leverage again.
  • The Bills might actually be good this season. They forced turnovers they have quick potentially big play makers on both sides of the ball and could be stout on defense.
  • Changing of the guards? I would be real nervous if I was a Colts fan. Manning hasn't played a snap and has 13 days to be ready to play live football. Yikes.
  • That goes for the Patriots too. Brady hasn't played at all either, These dudes miss any time and the AFC could change dramatically.
  • Quinn Gray sucks, BIG TIME.
  • Evans looked good. I can't wait for him to sign his extension and just straight ball in '08.
  • If I see Josh Reed run a reverse or end around once this year I'm going to snap.
  • Is Reed a solid number 2 all of a sudden?
  • Schobel was Schobel tonight, ran about 10 yards past the QB a few times and was a non-factor. Although Kelsay and a solid sack on Lorenzen.
  • I love how Jauron is handling Marshawn. Keep his touches to a minimum and allow him to be 100% for 9/7.
  • Ashton Youboty is going to make the team... I think
  • _____ Movie movies suck, who goes and watches them?!
  • I don't see Trent playing Thursday.
  • t minus 92 hours until I am back at the Ralph


  1. "solid sack on Lorenzen" how can you have a solid sack against bunch of guys that probably will be cut??? gosh this site blows

  2. solid meaning he hit him hard, and lorenzen is 6-4 280,

  3. while i'm tempted to agree with that guy on the top... i realized that he said "gosh" and he lost all credibility.

    only thing that blows in this case is you, dude. and when i say "blows," i am referring to other guys penises.


  4. yeah, aj your sweet. go suck die and snort coke on elmwood

  5. that doesnt make any sense