Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jason Peters traded to Chicago

Peters to chicago for two first round picks

The conservative Chicago Bears shocked the football world by acquiring Buffalo Bill and All- Pro left tackle Jason Peters to shore up a sinking Bear offensive line.

A smiling Coach Lovie Smith said "Its getting clearer and clearer. Especially with a 340 pound all pro knocking Vikings outta there damn cleats."

It cost the Bears a pair of first round picks in '09 and '10, but as Love said it's win-now time and this team isn't getting any younger.

"Our defense is peaking, Super Bowl caliber, and the window to win in this league is a narrow one that slam shuts suddenly. So we felt Jason made us a Super Bowl contender not a pretender, and he has the same agent as Hester which helped us work it out."

When asked about injured rookie tackle Chris Williams, also a left tackle, Lovie just smiled.

"In this league you can't have too many tackles. You can't have too much depth. If Chris comes back we will find a place for both of them. Its a problem I like to have. Hey John Tait isn't getting any younger. No one is. So maybe we will rest him a bit. Peters is a big boy he can play right tackle."

"In this league it's win now, and we intend to win now."

When asked if the recently acquired disgruntled Tampa Bay Buccaneer QB Jeff Garcia was a good fit for the Bearst Lovie smiled again.

"Well we only gave up a pair of third rounders for Jeff. He's better then that. As for fits, we make things fit. The NFL is about adjusting. Its about winning."

"Right now Kyle is our starter and Rex is our backup. But in this league QB depth is key and we thought Jeff would provide us with a quality player who has won big games in this league."

Again Lovie smiled. "Listen, draft picks are a crap shoot. Sometimes ya roll lucky sevens, sometimes ya crap out. So we skipped rolling dem bones a bit and picked up a pair of quality players that could give us a Super Bowl trophy."

"The future is now an old Bear George Allen once said. And the future IS now for the Bears."

And then Lovie left smiling....

Gotcha... but here is actual Jason 'cocksucker' Peters news.. Allegedly WGR550 is reporting that Derek Dockery has been 'communicating with Peters' and he is 'going to report "soon"'. Holy shit I'm going to snap. WTF.. Peters is reallllllllllly pissing my off. BIT TIME


Also Edwards hurt a bit..

" Trent Edwards injured during night practice" from buffalobills.com

Today Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 8:18 PM

EDWARDS INJURED: Trent Edwards got knocked knee to knee during the first play of an 11-on-11 segment and hobbled off to the trainers.

Trent Edwards just went to the locker room with the trainers, who are looking at his right knee. He walked there under his own power. He didn't appear to be favoring it much.

We'll have further updates as they become available."


  1. i like how this blog has the story first, and the buffalo news doesnt