Sunday, August 24, 2008

Preseason game 3 preview

by Steve

NO Trent, Peters, Roscoe, James Hardy, Schouman, no problem? Ahh shit do I really have to watch Johnny Paul Losman play for 2+ quarters with the first team offense? Is the Colts entire defense hurt? Christ, outside of the dude coming back from a broken foot, Freeney, and the dude coming back from major shoulder surgery, Bob Sanders, everyone else is out. Recipe for Losmeng lovers to have one last circle jerk.

Oh well, as long as Trent is back by Thursday, which is probably 50/50 at this point I'll be alright with it. Don't get me wrong, Losman is a competent backup but that is all he is. And I am positive I do not want this dude to take a single snap in the regular season, mostly cause he isn't that good, but partly because I hate QB controversies.

Ok, enough of the QBs. The defense should be getting a lot of reps tonight against a solid offense. True the Colts are sans the best QB in the league who himself is sans a bursa sac, but they still have a solid o-line, RB and WR/TE corps that will teach us a thing or two. It will be interesting to see if Stroud balls, and what the effects of his game are on all our white D-ends specifically Schobell. The Bills need better play outta their DEs in 2008 if we have any chance of competing in this league. Ko Simpson where you at?

Put Marshawn in for a quarter, at most, let the bum wide receivers like Jenkins, Steve Johnson, Huggins and Hawthorne battle it out for the #5 spot on the squad. Lets see some more of Derek Fine and Courtney Anderson, especially with the absence of Schouman, and I wouldn't mind seeing Dwayne Wright show me a bit more.

Oh and for those that don't have the game on tonight here ya go Just scroll down a bit its on there.

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