Saturday, August 9, 2008

Favre, Pennington, Bills vs. Skins


I have had enough of Brett Favre. All I have heard is how much of a great move this has been for the Jets and how the Jets are all of a sudden a playoff contender. In fact, the Jets went from 75-1 to 15-1 to go to the Super Bowl! ESPN had a poll question...who is going to win the AFC, Chargers, Patriots, Colts or Jets. I feel bad for ESPN, the national media and Jets fans. The Jets are a rebuilding franchise. They are nowhere near winning right now. Bringing in Favre will at best make them 8-8. Is an 8-8 season worth wasting a year in the development of Kellen Clemens? I can see if they were Minnesota, but they aren't. Yeah, they brought in some good free agents, like Alan Faneca and Damien Woody. Alan Faneca and Damien Woody aren't taking you from 4-12 to the promise land. They also brought in Calvin Pace. They paid him like $50 million dollars. Yeah he had 98 tackles last season for 'Zona, but in his previous 4 years, he had 84 tackles combined. Back to Favre: Last season he had a good year on a good team and choked in the playoffs. The two previous years he had 30 touchdowns and 47 interceptions. The guy is 39, knows nothing about the offense, knows nothing about his teammates, but bringing him in makes the Jets one of the favorites in the AFC. Give me a f'ing break. The Jets are 6.5 to 1 to win the AFC East, the Bills are 12-1. The Jets have twice as good of a chance to win the division than the Bills? Name me one position besides quarterback in which the Jets are better than Buffalo. These assholes on ESPN say that the Jets weren't a 4 win team last year because they were so good in 2006. If you had a clue you would realize that the Jets were nowhere near a 10 win team in 2006.

Chad Pennington was signed by Miami. Parcells drafted Pennington and now brings him back to probably be the starter for the Dolphins. The Dolphins still should be pathetic. What a bad draft pick John Beck was. The Dolphins starting wide recievers right now are Earnest Wilford and Ted Ginn Jr, hahahahaha. What a draft pick Ted Ginn Jr. was too.

The Bills have a preseason game tonight in Washington. The starters are expected to play 10 to 20 plays. I believe niether Josh Reed or Donte Whitner will play. If Lynch touches the ball more than one time tonight I will lose it. I want one touch for Lynch and I want it to be a run around left tackle for 38 yards and then he goes out of bounds without being touched. Freddy Jackson and Xavier Omon should see a lot of work. After all this talk I have heard this offseason about Turk Schonert using the running backs in the passing game, I want to see screen pass after screen pass. Langston Walker will be playing left tackle with the Peters holdout and Kirk Chambers will be opposite him at right tackle. Oh Boy. Trent will probably get hurt. There is a good chance JP Losman will be the starter after today. Edwards hasn't stayed healthy ever in his career for an entire season I don't think. Look for JP to tear it up tonight as well. I want to see Hardy get some looks as the number two wide out. If he can do a good job out there, let him play. Reed's a slot guy and our offense would be much better served with him there and Hardy outside. Terrance McGee and Roscoe Parrish should not see the field on special teams. Let's get a heavy dose of rookie Leodis McKelvin on kick returns. I also want to see McKelvin with the first team defense. After all, when you draft a defensive player number 11, he should be an instant impact player, not just a special teamer.

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