Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010 NFL mock draft 3/25/10 Buffalo Bills

by Schrum

2010 NFL Mock Draft: March 25, 2010
Here are the first nine picks plus the Buffalo Bills full 2010 mock:

St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma: A lot of people think that Suh or McCoy should be the Rams pick here but they already have been building their D through the first round of the draft for a few years. Bulger is getting older and weaker and after Bradford’s pro day, which is in a week, it should be a clear cut decision to take Bradford.

Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska: You would think that the Lions would like to protect their number 1 overall investment (Matt Stafford) but the way the Lions have been boosting up their D this off-season, Suh seems to be the right pick. Plus the Lions head coach worked with Haynesworth in Tennessee, so he knows the value of a stud D-tackle.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma: The Bucs need help on the front line of their D more than any other position. I think they would prefer Suh over McCoy, but with Suh being off the board, the Bucs should run their choice to the Roger before he even gets off stage. McCoy is a mammoth in the middle and will be an instant impact player.

Washington Redskins- Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State: The Redskins not looking to get rid of Jason Campbell leads me to believe that they still like him. That being the case, they need someone to keep him off the turf. Okung is the best OT in the draft so this pick makes sense. Don’t be surprised though if they take Clausen with this pick and address OT later in the draft.

Kansas City Chiefs, Bryan Baluga, OT Iowa: This pick kills me because I think Baluga is the best OT in this years class. He will be ready to play first day of camp and will stay in that spot for the next 15 years, a la Bruce Matthews. This is a guy that I would love to be a Bill but I think the Chiefs will snag him. Trent Williams is also a viable pick, and one I hope they do make because I want Baluga.

Seattle Seahawks, Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame: If the Chiefs go with Trent Williams then I think they will take Baluga, but that is not the scenario I have this week. Hasslebeck is getting old and warn out and they just trades their backup Wallace to the Browns. They need a QB and with a new Sheriff in town, what better way to build a team than to start with a QB.

Cleveland Browns, Eric Berry, S, Tennessee: The Browns could go a few different ways here depending on who is available. They are in desperate need for a QB, WR, and CB that is why this pick is hard to make. Seneca Wallace is not their answer at QB, at least I hope not and they could use a WR like Dez Bryant, but I don’t think they can pass on Berry. They see 4 times a year what a game changing safety can do (Reed and Polamalu) so Berry is Holmgrens first pick in C-Town.

Oakland Raiders, Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland: No one knows what Al Davis does on draft day. He probably just puts up and over head in the war room that says “Who ever is the fastest, take him.” That being the case, I think Campbell makes it to Oakland. He is a freak athlete for his size. He has the speed that Davis loves and the Raiders need an OT badly. Some day DE with this pick, but they just franchised Seymour and traded for Wimbley, so Campbell makes the most sense for position needed and Davis’ requirements.

Buffalo Bills, Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma: If this is they way the draft shapes up, I would love it if the Bills traded down to pick up another 2nd rounder. Williams is good, but he is the 3rd or 4th best tackle in the draft. I’m not saying I don’t love the pick, because I think OT is our number 1 priority at this point seeing as Bradford and Clausuen are off the board. I think Williams will be around the 15th spot, so why not make a move down and pick up some extra picks. Nix did say, you need to keep the QB off the ground to be successful.

Round 2: Terrance Cody, NT, Alabama: With the transition to a 3-4 and no one on the Bills roster that could be a legit NT, Cody is the pick. He’s a mountain (350 lbs) in the middle and played for a championship team.

Round 3: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida: If he is there, we have to take him. We need a QB and Colt is too weak. If anything, Tebow brings grit and a winning attitude to OBD. We would probably waste this pick on a TE anyways. Maybe Tebow can play TE.

Round 4: Ricky Sapp, DE/OLB, Clemson: Knee problems have taken him out of the 2nd and 3rd round, so for him to be available in the 4th would be a blessing. When healthy, he is explosive and ferocious, a la James Harrison.

Round 5: Noel Divine, RB, West Virginia: The Bills have the power runner (Lynch) and the prototypical runner (Jackson). With Divine they get a “scat back” a la Sproles. A guy that will give you 5 yards on 3rd down no matter what and can catch and run like the wind off the edge.

Round 6: Naaman Roosevelt, WR, Buffalo: The Bills need help at WR. Evans, Hardy and Johnson are a decent 1,2,3 but behind them they have no help. Roosevelt put up big number in college. He didn’t run a fast 40, but I’d like to see a local kid get to stay in Buffalo.

Round 6: Brandon Sharpe, DE, Texas Tech: Had 15 sacks as a senior. Speed pass rusher. Anything is better than Kelsay and Schobel.

Round 7: LeRoy Vann, CB, Florida A&M: He is too small to play CB in the pro’s but runs a 4.3 40. Vann had 11 TD’s on special teams in the last 2 years.

Round 7: Mike Newtown, CB, Buffalo: He is another UB prospect. Has had a solid career at UB and will be hungry to make a pro team.


  1. Going to be tough to take Devine. He didn't declare. St. Louis holds the keys to the Bills draft if they trade for McNabb the Bills get Clausen if they don't the Bills get Mallet or Locker next year.

  2. On January 14, 2010, Devine announced that he will forgo the NFL draft and will be returning for his senior season with the Mountaineers.

  3. Brutal ... didn't see that about Devine ... gotta like someone like Dexter McCluster from Ole Miss than in the 3rd and go for QB Tony Pike out of Cincy in the 4th.

  4. Just trade the 41st overall for McKnob.

  5. bring me Don


  6. I think taking Suh or McCoy before the 5th rd is a waste. Defensive tackles dont matter.