Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Streaky Sabres now hot

by Steve

Funny the difference a week makes. Seven days ago to the minute and I was ripping the Sabres from limb to limb. I called for drastic change as the only solution to the Sabres ills. Evidently all they needed was rook Chris Butler to ride some pine. Since that decision the Sabres are coincidentally 3-0 with two wins coming against prominent Eastern Conference opponents albeit both in overtime.

The odd thing is no one player seems to really be stepping their game up. Miller has played well but not great. Vanek has 2 goals and 3 points but hasn't been dominant. Mancari was called up but didn't really contribute until Wednesday's 4-3 victory over the Stars.

Maybe Lindy Ruff inspired them and woke their asses up. Wait no that is highly unlikely, so what is the deal with this suddenly hot team two points up on Ottawa with two games in hand?

Answer: This is who the Sabres are. A talented leaderless team with a really good goalie and a solidish coach. They are streaky. Torres has been a pile of MEH. The same giveaways and dumb ass plays are occurring but sometimes they win and sometimes they don't.

Really all this team needs to do to win is make one less mistake than the other team and hope Miller makes no mistakes. That combination has got them this far so who knows what their ceiling is? Vanek goes nuts, Rivet wakes up, and Connolly plays like a first line center and the ECFs aren't out of the question. Then again none of that happening and a first round bouncing isn't an insane idea either.

Six home games out of their last 17 games and only one in April. Better hope #1 in the Northeast is nearly locked up before fools day.

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