Monday, March 22, 2010

Buffalo Bills news and notes

Tim Graham asked Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix what he was doing at that moment.

"Sleep," he said Monday while taking a break from the NFL owners meetings at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes. "They asked me if I was going to be there, I said 'Hell, no. I ain't going to be there. I'm going to bed.'"

"I still think you build through the draft," Nix said, "but you can't fill every hole, especially if you haven't been very good.

"We don't get excited about the first week or being up there at midnight and 12:01, signing somebody. We let it play itself out and make sure that the guys we get fit what we need and fill a need."

Also no link but WGR mentioned today Nix is keen on Marshawn Lynch being back with the Bills in 2010. Also Eric Wood appears to be ahead of schedule in regards to rehab.

Also this

With the departure of Terrell Owens and Josh Reed, the Bills are in need of depth at wide receiver. General Manager Buddy Nix acknowledged need more players at the position, but indicated that they may not come via free agency.

"If a veteran came available, obviously we’d look into it,'' he said Monday at the NFL owners meetings. "But that’s not a target.''

What this means is James Hardy and Steve Johnson will get a chance to step up and prove they can be effective complements to top receiver Lee Evans. Neither player saw much of the field in their second year. Hardy, who returned after a knee injury late in his rookie season, spent most of the games on the inactive list.


  1. Reminds me of Grandma's Boy..."That's what old people do they fall asleep." Of course he doesn't get excited at 12:01, Gomer Nix couldn't get excited if Megan Fox was performing on him.

    I give Gailey 1 season tops then he's Assistant Coaching at ECC.

  2. Happy to hear they're given Hardy and Johnson a shot next season, I'm hoping for big things

  3. adalius wrekin thomasMarch 23, 2010 at 8:24 AM

    rash get your shit together every1 was hoping from big things from t.o and he got cok smoked like ron washington ronnie brown or mark few

  4. Hardy and Johnson have nobody to get them the ball on the roster. Daunte Culpepper did say he wants to come to Buffalo to throw int's and fumble.

  5. what is the bad/useless comment day on the blog? who was worth staying up for that we had a chance of getting? running and defense will allow us to win games next year, not our 3rd WR


  6. Could've made an attempt at guys like Porter,Dansby rather than accepting defeat. It's a QB league running and defense will get the Bills to a Jauronian 7-9 at best.

  7. Steve, give it up with running and defense. Seriously. This league is dominated by teams with good to great quarterbacks. The only chance you have of competing without a QB is if you have a defense that is completely dominant. We don't have that. We also don't have an offensive line which could make running the ball difficult. We need a quarterback...period and I don't mean Culpepper. If Clausen is there at 9, it is a no brainer to pick him.


  8. coast your a fucking idiot.... jimmy fuking clausen??? what? the guy is a bigger pussy than u and janis combined if that makes any sense... get ur fucking shit together and get timmy tebow running a little wildcat with marshawn.. bring brohm in on passing downs... or 3rd and short u keep tebow in there.. get shanwny nelson the rock.. steve johnson big year,, hardy jump balls all day.. mckelvin florence corner mcgee byrd whitner wilson scott solid 2ndary.. trade schoebel for a late 3rd and grab a wideout pierre garcon style.. trade down and take tebow late in the 1st. grab a ot somewhere.. i dont know where kelsay fits in on a 3-4 or in the nfl in general. maybin outside backer.. poz davis mitchell maybe davis can play outside. . or take rolando mclain or that pass rusher from g tech morgan i think... i duno buddy nix if he doesnt step it up this franchsie will get moved b4 ralph even dies and the over under date i have is may 21st 2013 for when he passes.. if levitre aint in the weight room right now our 2 guys we hired for strenght and conditioning co-coaches should get fired.. any1 else love that t.o. doesnt have a team? id consider mccoy if we cant get tebow or vick but i dont know if he has the arm but hes a winner unlike fitz from harvard,

  9. why wreck and coast are lost, tebow or mccoy? you can not be serious with those suggestions wreck, how are we suppose to get morgan and tebow in the first round? you make no sense.

    2 great drafts can build a solid defense it isn't rocket science, reaching on running backs WRs and QBs in the first round causes a team to move south quickly


  10. I don't know where to start with Wreck's comment but I will try.

    1. Preferring Colt McCoy over Jimmy Clausen is illogical. McCoy is a bum who ran the spread in college a la JP Losman.

    2. Bring in Brohm is passing downs? Seriously, Brian Brohm SUCKS. If he is on our roster opening day I will be shocked.

    3. We aren't going to get a Pierre Garcon type wideout in the third round because we don't have Peyton Manning. Pierre Garcon was good because he has a great quarterback. We have Lee Evans who has sucked for half his career because we have no quarterback. What makes you think that any receiver on this team is going to be good with the scum bags we have on the roster throwing them the ball right now?

    And Steve...

    What not try and draft a QB in the first round, and I don't mean trade back into the first round to draft a borderline late first round pick in Losman. Clausen is a legit first round talent, why do you hate taking him if he is there? If he has a 10% chance of being a great player, then I will take my chances. Great QBs dominate the NFL wake up.


  11. coast u need to wake the fuck up wow

  12. It's funny how guys who go to big name schools like McCoy are penalized for running the spread but hacks like LeFeouver aren't.

    If Clausen is available at # 9 you can't pass him up. Look at the Rams building from the "inside out," Barron/Long/Carriker/Smith and awful.

    The Bills have 3 guys on the roster who should be 3rd string QB's. Clausen and Cody in Rd 1/Rd 2 would be solid building blocks. Nothing against Dan Williams but anybody else not notice him? Mt Cody dominated and played for a dominating defense i'd take him at 9 over Williams if that's the route. Williams looks like a Tyson Jackson pick where a team over thinks it.

  13. someone actually searched this in google "watercooler jeezy bigger pussy than u and janis com" haha wowo
    and this is hilarious to re-read