Friday, March 5, 2010

Chan Gailey fail

“I can’t tell you we are going to the playoffs in a year or two years, but we should be headed there, and soon,” Nix said. “It doesn’t matter what kind of splash you make now. What matters is two years or three years down the road that we’ve got this thing turned in the right direction and we’re winning.”

Can we pull a Notre Dame and fire this guy before the season starts. Someone double check the resume he submitted.


  1. Nix can't say if they'll be in the playoffs next year or the year after. With his age I can't say he won't be in a nursing home next year. With Gailey and Nix in charge I can say the Bills won't be in the playoffs the next two years. Unfortunately until the team decides to bring in capable coaches and a capable GM we'll be served this shit.

    Gailey is the worst coach in the NFL.

  2. wowowowpowowowowoow fml fml fml fml i dont know what to sayy mannn bears r balling and were siging noname safetys... huh? do we even need a safety ? how about a running back and a wideout?