Thursday, March 4, 2010

Calling all optimistic Buffalo Sabres fans

by Steve

I was all ready and willing to write something positive about the Buffalo Sabres. Especially since the only comments on Sabres posts are complaining because I am too negative. That was like a month ago. Since then the Sabres have lost their lead in the division, won only two of their last fifteen in regulation and falling faster than Lil Wayne's CD sales.

There are a million questions and nearly zero answers. This team blows big time. There are zero bright spots on this team. Ryan Miller will most likely play 19 of the last 20 games and will be burnt out. Myers was a lovely shock in Oct/Nov now we need him to get better. Oh wait we got the almighty Rafi Torres. WATCH OUT.

Thankfully I have a few solutions to right this ship and avoid a one and done in the postseason. Put Thomas Vanek on waivers and fire Lindy Ruff. UHOH! Not Lindy he he he he he uh gets the team to the post season 29% of the time the last 8 years. He is a genius, he has no offensive weapons, he has changed his system.

Wait what? Vanek is err was a perennial 40 goal scorer, he has had two of the best goalies of the last two generations yet seems to always lose the big games. (1 and 4 in Championship rounds) The team has tuned him out. He has made no one better. In fact he appears to be causing regression in a majority of the team.

Cutting Vanek, what will that do, we'll lose his scoring prowess. What scoring prowess. He sucks. We'll save $7 mil a year IF someone even picks him up and if not then it will be an obvious shot in the arm until we trade him in the offseason.

This team needs drastic change. They do this every year. They fall apart and underachieve. The change didn't come before the deadline now is as good a time as any. Wake the fuck up Regier and do something.


  1. It's sad that you don't know what an idiot you sound like. Did the Sabres shoot your puppy or something?

  2. yeah with how great the sabres are playing i don't know how anyone can be negative at all


  3. When we finish 9th in the East and Darcy and Lindy get contract extension for our improved play. I wonder what people will say now. Our top six is a joke these guys rode the coat tails or Hockey God and Danny for two years and now there getting exposed. Our defense is brutal we are old and slow. We need to shake up the top six and get rid of Lydman, Rivet, Mair, Grier, Monty, Hecht, and two out of the top 6 forwards to have any chances next season. Im not totally blaming Lindy, but I am totally blaming darcy for his man crush on this team and sticking with them for the past three seasons.

  4. yeah and you forgot Jason "i look like mike seaver, and wear a gold chain" semenville. roy is a faker too

  5. Chris Drury is the most overrated player in Buffalo sports history. He's a 3rd line center.

    Lindy Ruff needs to have sex with Ryan Miller's woman, that's the only way Sabres management will fire a coach it appears.