Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MLB 2010 preview: NL East

by Steve

The all time baseball mastermind is at it again, here is the WNYWatercooler 2010 baesball preview, we'll naturally start in the best division the National League Eastern Divsion

Philadelphia Phillies: Wins 88

Is Roy Halladay an upgrade over Cliff Lee? Can this team stave off the injury bug for yet another long season? Howard played 160 games last year, Utley 156 and Rollins 155. That doesn't seem likely again c'mon. Victorino may be one of the least unsung players in the majors.
Major Question Mark
Brad Lidge
Major Exclamation point
J-ro Utley Howard

Atlanta Braves: Wins 85

God damn how old is Bobby Cox? And for that matter Larry Jones? This team has a solid young core on the upswing. Surprisingly they did finish in 3rd place in 2009 but that is because they lost their final 6 meaningless games. Hanson, Jurrjens, Hudson and Lowe is a solid 1-4. Don't sleep on Yunel Escobar either.

Question Mark
Can Jason Heyward live up to the hype and be the greatest outfielder ever?
Exclamation point
Brian McCann is the second best catcher in baseball!

NY Mets: Wins 81

Is Jason Bay really the missing piece to put the Messts over the top? Santana is still a stud, Wright and Beltran are solid. Beyond those players nothing is worth mentioning. Pelfrey, Maine, Niese and Perez are about as shaky as it gets 2-5 with this size payroll. Daniel Murphy is not a top end first basemen wtf and is GMJ really anyone's answer anywhere in the outfield?

Question Mark
Can Jose Reyes bounce back and return to '06 form?
Exclamation point
Jose Reyes has to return to '06 form for this team to have a look at anything!

Florida Marlins: Wins 80

The new stadium is still 3 years out allowing Han-ram and Josh Johnson to get paid but this team won't need a new stadium to contend in this division. Cameron Maybin needs to take major strides @ CF, Uggla and Bonifacio are solid, but is Chris Coghlan and Cody Ross for real? Donde esta Jeremy Hermida?

Question Mark
Can Volstad, Nolasco and Sanchez become reliable solid starters ala the '03 team?
Exclamation Point
Hanley Ramirez is the 3rd best player in major league baseball!

Washington Nationals: Wins 64

Did you hear about some dude named Stephen Strasburg? I think he is a pitcher or something. Talk about pressure god damn. And to retain him for another year he isn't even starting the season on their big league roster.. good luck selling tickets. Is there a true Nationals fan out there? They have Scott Olsen but Jason Marquis is their #1. Good luck Pudge and Zimmerman.

Question Mark
When will Strasburg get the call up, 4/26?
Exclamation point
Stephen Strasburg!!!


  1. grimey greasy im taking the nats outta the east big years for jason marquis willingham and ry zim national league mvp

  2. Mets are a 75 win team and the Phillies are a 95 win team. The Mets don't have 1 good farm player worth anything. Sorry Ike Davis fan club. They're worse off than the Nats.

  3. obscure italiean golfers? Phillies could have a down year period point blank, mets were awful last season which might make people believe they are worse than they truly are, check their games lost to injury d bag


  4. The Mets have the Dick Jauron of MLB in Jerry Manuel and a proven loser as GM. They've got 1 major league caliber pitcher in Johan. Jason Bay was a product of the monster and the short porch in Boston. The Phillies could have a down year because they traded the best pitcher in baseball for a half a season for the 2nd best pitcher in baseball for a full season? Philadelphia needs a closer that's their weakness. If everything breaks right for the Mets they're a 3rd place team.

  5. The Mets do have some overrated guys they can deal. David Wright would be a quality utitlity man on a lot of teams.

  6. Larry Jones kills deers and then fucks their souls. Bobby Cox passes away while watching from a tree in the distance.