Thursday, May 6, 2010

Buffalo Bills OT Ed Wang profile

Via Tim Graham:

Ed Wang was the first offensive tackle the Bills drafted since 2008, and the earliest they've drafted one since they took Mike Williams fourth overall in 2002.

Ed Wang said he thinks he'll remain at left tackle. If so, then he will compete with incumbent starter Demetrius Bell, who is coming off a knee injury.

Breaking into the starting lineup in many ways is more important to Ed Wang than making NFL history. While his Chinese heritage is tremendously important to him, he knows if he doesn't establish himself as a football player, his notable entry will be rendered a football footnote.

Yao Ming, the NBA's first Chinese player, wouldn't be a national hero if he were riding the pine in Houston.

"I wouldn't mind people knowing me as the first Chinese-American football player," Ed Wang said, "but when it comes down to it I have to perform for the Buffalo Bills.

"My objective is to be a football player in the NFL. If I don't play, it's not going to matter if I was the first Chinese-American player in the NFL because I didn't do anything. My perspective is I have to accomplish something first."


  1. Brandon Graham made this guy look pathetic at the Sr Bowl. My guess is he'll be cutting up freshly hit deer for dining pleasures this time next year.

  2. Spiller looked good at minicamp, sign Russell for nothing and have Gomer Gailey groom him into a Pro Bowler