Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jared Gaither trade rumors swirling

by Steve

For those with their heads in the sand or just listen to Schopp and the Dog for their sports news then you may not have heard; but Baltimore wants to trade their left errr right tackle Jared Gaither. First a trade was imminent and his toe injury is nothing, the next there are no worthy trade offers.

Let's face it, the Bills need more talent at tackle. Bell is a major question mark, Butler for some unknown fuckin reason retired, Wang is a rookie and Cornell Green is from the Raiders. Gaither would fill a need and the price to attain him may be dropping by the day.

Seemingly the Bills are the only real team offering anything. Evidently whatever they are currently offering isn't enough though. Gaither is still young (26) but needs a new contract. He isn't going to get Peters money, but he could be looking for it or at least close to it($60 mil over 6 years).

If Gaither truly was that good he wouldn't be listed as a right tackle on the Ravens depth chart. Furthermore, Oher wouldn't have gone to Baltimore in the first round last year. And how good/motivated is the guy?

The Ravens tendered the RFA at first round pick status. Obviously they won't get that but what are they expecting? They are a potential Super Bowl contender. A draft pick may not be enough, or even the answer at all.

Some are suggesting a corner back or safety is what Newsome and co. are looking for. Anyone willing to depart with McKelvin or Byrd for this dude? How about Reggie Corner and a 4th? How about just a 3rd in 2011 and a 5th in 2012? Then again are the Bills really that high on Gaither? Are they willing to pay him the money they weren't willing to give Peters. Is he worth a contract?

The Bills and JG would have to agree on an extension before a trade happens either way. The major hurdles then are the exact asking price and if the Bills believe he is worth big left tackle money. The good thing is the Bills have plenty of time. The longer this drags out the less leverage Baltimore has. They don't want to go into the season with him sans an extension but they also don't want a disgruntled former LT making the switch begrudgingly to RT the rest of the offseason,

It isn't my money, so I say pay him but don't give up Byrd or McKelvin to get him. Anyone else isn't really worth keeping especially if it brings back a solid starter anchoring the line. In all likelihood, Baltimore gets a home town discount and he'll be in the Ravens huddle for the next 4-5 years. We'll see..


  1. Gaither and Troy Smith for a 2nd. Lets the Bills get rid of Edwards and Brohm while selling the Bills fan base on an unknown. The secondary is one of the few spots where the Bills have legitimate NFL players. I'd give up Whitner who has been a bust. Byrd and McKelvin as long as he isn't returning kicks should be building blocks.

  2. McKelvin is finally healthy and Byrd is going to be on the Bills Wall of Fame. We better not get rid of either of those guys

  3. the money is the motiveeee

  4. Byrd to get Defensive Rookie of the Year? I love it

  5. If it's a safety they want ...

  6. Give them Maybin.