Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HAHA Seahawks sign J.P. Losman

by Steve

I had to comment on this signing. The Seattle Seahawks gave JP Losman $630,000 to compete for a back up clipboard position? Wow. I don't know if that is a testament to the quarterback skill level in the NFL or just in Seattle.

This is news because a previous piece by Coast was picked up by a national newspaper and a Seahawks message board.

As anyone that has watched the Bills since Losmeng was drafted in 04 knows, the guy sucks. Here is every post on our blog with his name, here is Coast slobbering Losman in the UFL, and my failure of Losman post.

I've met the guy before, he had great intentions when we drafted, the problem was he sucked. The Bills reached, he thought he was great, his career was derailed from the beginning when he broke his leg in his first training camp and that was that. True he had a lot of coaches but he never was a good quarterback.

Well, at least I get to relive the nightmare that was this guy, yet again.


  1. Who am I?

    "JP or Drew? ... JP!"

    "Willis or any RB in the league? ... WILLIS"

    "Trent or Eli? ... TRENT"

    "Chester Taylor or Mike Bell? ... Mike Bell"

  2. Coast and the blog getting some national pub I love it

  3. Commenting on the QB skill in the league and Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Bills best option. Losman had a good season with the Bills. If he were to be signed by the Bills he would be at least better than Edwards/Brohm.

  4. FWIW the news tribune out of tacoma WA, which picked up coast's column has a circulation of 102,200 Daily

  5. Edwards sucks, Brohm sucks, Fitzpatrick sucks, the 7th rd guy will suck. Best scenario 0-16 and the Bills get Locker or Mallet. Can't get Luck because he has stepped foot in Cali.

  6. I'll take Jake Locker all day