Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interleague play weekend wraps up

by Steve

Don't look now but the National League is beating up on the "superior" American League already. The N.L. took a commanding 22 to 20 win differential after the opening weekend of interleague play.

The Rays, Tigers and Rangers all leading their respective divisions going into the weekend all lost their series'. Really the only bright spot for the AL all weekend was the A's barely stealing all three games from the Giants at home.

Sure all the money is spent in the AL East and everyone only talks about the Red Sox and Yankees but let's face it, the AL isn't all that superior. The two leagues have been flip flopping World Series championships the past five years too.

The shifting of power has begun, take it to the bank.

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  1. Javy Vazquez believes the AL is a superior league.