Friday, May 14, 2010

Great 24 hours in sports

by Steve

First Sidney Crosby chokes and gets bounced in the second round of the National Hockey League Eastern Conference Semifinals, then LeBron does? Am I dreaming? The two most sucked off by the media sports figures, probably ever, choke and pre maturely eject from the playoffs? Spectacular.

My disdain for both Sidney and Bron Bron are well documented. Although Crosby luckily fell ass backwards into a cup last year without doing much or even playing in some of the games, Bron Bron has yet to win shit.

It isn't just the players that I loathe. It is the cities they play in too. Strange I know, since Cleveland and Pittsburgh are similar in size and geographic location. Although Pittsbrugh has a million championships and Cleveland has about as many as Buffalo. Both cities just annoy me.

The greater satisfaction is in seeing James lose though. He's now a free agent and now out of Cleveland. Basketball in Cleveland is now over. Let's face it. He can't win there. Too much pressure, bad head coach, losing mentality, and a dearth of talent. He'll either go to LA, NYC, Europe or if Big Slick comes back to coach, Miami. It's over. Shut off the lights, remember you have a baseball team and forget you had a basketball squad.

Pittsburgh on the other hand will still be good at hockey. Shit, they're even getting a new area(although smaller than HSBC arena). But they start quarterback is a rapist, they gave away their best thug wide receiver and the entire team is in turmoil.

What a great twenty-four hours in sports.


  1. No chance Lebron ends up in LA.

    Bulls, Cavs, Knicks, Heat, are the most likely teams to sign him, in that order.

  2. The Steelers best WR is/was Hines Ward. LeBron can earn more in Cleveland than any other place. Why would he go to NY? Their team is a joke. When was the last time they were relevant? If LeBron is at all concerned about his legacy he'll stay in Cleveland.

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