Monday, May 24, 2010

Trent Edwards needs to STFU

by Steve

Here is the transcript of an interview with Trent Edwards yesterday. Apparently he didn't take too kindly to Jim Kelly's comments about not drafting a California quarterback.

On Jim Kelly saying that the Bills need a new QB and that he shouldn’t be from California:
“It is definitely frustrating because I don’t know how much time Jim has spent in California. I love the state of California. Obviously, I am pretty biased towards where I grew up in, but it is a little bit na├»ve that he makes comments like that. It is frustrating because I feel like there are a ton of great quarterbacks out there that have played in the league for an extended amount of time. I mean we can go down the list right now. He unfortunately said some things that aren’t always the best things to say but I guess that is kind of the way that he is.”
On his relationship with Jim Kelly and whether they have talked or had any discussions:
“I haven’t. I haven’t unfortunately. (Host: Whether he has a relationship with Jim Kelly?) I did. I still do. I still do. I don’t think any less of him. If I was in Jim’s position, honestly if I was Jim, I would say draft Tim Tebow, draft Colt McCoy. That is what is going to make headlines… If that is what you believe in than go right ahead and say it. I definitely don’t worry.”

Of course Kelly is right. Drafting a QB from Cali is a terrible idea and would have torpedoed the franchise even further. The recent track record of Bills quarterbacks from California (Edwards, JP Losman, Rob Johnson) is an obvious deterrent to looking at any arm from the "Golden State". Jimmy Clausen will almost surely would have been the next in a long line of failures for the Bills.

Oh, and I am liking what I am hearing from Marshawn Lynch.

“Anything that I see that’s going to be a negative pull towards me, I’m not going to be interested. You just get tired of that negative light. It wears and tears on you. It’s time for a change.”

Stay off the blotter and pound the rock. Why we drafted another fuckin RB in round one I'll never understand.


  1. Don't worry about where the guy is from worry about whether he can ball. The Bills have a bunch of 5th string QB's on their roster.

  2. we drafted another rb to roll deep. we obviously wont have a passing threat. maybe with these three beasts we can pound in some sixers this season. probably not, but maybe. can we sign troy vincent to break trent's leg too?

  3. I think their is a better chance that the 4 QB's the Bills unfortunately have on the roster will be out of the league next season rather than even a 3rd string.

  4. So what Kelly states is right but Thurman states is wrong? FYI McShay has the Bills taking a "California," QB 1 in next years draft.