Friday, July 23, 2010

2010 Buffalo Bills training camp: Wide Receiver

by Steve

Less than a week out from the start of Buffalo Bills training camp. We've already broken down the offensive line and running backs for you so here is our wide receiver / tight end break down:

Lee Evans - Wide Receiver #1
Someone check my math but I believe this dude is our highest paid player. Has he been worth it? Since the extension (4 years $37.5 mil) he has averaged 53.5 catches and 5 touchdowns. Ughhh wha?

He has had next to know talent at quarterback and has had one shitty offensive coordinator after another. However, who is throwing Calvin megatron Johnson the rock or Steve 89 bottom line Smith? At a certain point a true number one WR will get open make plays and compile stats. Lee Evans is a border line #1.

James Hardy - Wide Receiver #2
If Evans is a one pretending he is a two then Hardy is a four pretending to be a two. The dude had one reception last year. ONE! Who knows if he's healthy from the ACL tear but I do like this update:
By the end of mandatory offseason sessions in June, Hardy -- who missed the end of the 2008 season and most of 2009 due to ACL surgery -- was running crisp, precise routes, and used his tremendous size to his advantage, winning the battle for jump balls more often than not in the defensive secondary, reports. (Jul 22)
This is Hardy's make or break season if that wasn't obvious to anyone else. He is a former second round pick, has battled injuries his whole career, and let us not forget his gun toting issue with his pappa. Step yo game up.

Roscoe Parrish - Slot Receiver
Who is more surprised Parrish is still on this team, the fans, the players, Roscoe or his agent? I'd go with his agent considering the three year extension he signed in '07 is running out and he wants to get paid again. Being benched by your employer and basically being shunned for two seasons is never ideal for someone looking for their next contact. Hopefully, new regime new Parrish in 2010. Look for a surprising resurgence from the DUI Kid.

Steve "Stevie" Johnson has a surprisingly strong vocal minority always leaping praise on to him. The former seventh rounder out of Kentucky has a career 12 catches but has decent size at 6'2 202 but needs to separate himself early in camp.

Marcus Easley has to be confident going into camp. This WR corps is a travesty and the fourth rounder out of UCONN is a near lock to make the team and get playing time this season. 6'3 210 is a good jumping off point but don't expect much from him this season.

Felton Huggins ? Jeez
Naaman Roosevelt undrafted local boy practice squad believe it

Shawn Nelson - Tight End
Is it just me or does it seem like Nelson could be good but will be squandered? At 6'5 240 and going into only his second year he still has tremendous upside. Maybe it was the disappointment of not seeing him in the endzone again after they made a freakin commercial out of his first career TD Monday night week one. Or it is because Fitz/Trent/Brohm all blow.

Derek Schouman - Tight End 2
Another season cut down drastically short because of injury, Schouman appeared to be on a tear coming out of the gate last season. Gotta love ACL tears. As tight ends go he is a much more well rounded TE than Nelson but isn't a game changer. Anyone else get this dude mixed up with Derek Fine though?

Michael Matthews - Tight End 3
Gotta love the light furor over this dude heading into training camp. Gailey loves him, he has a sweet name and he can block the shit out of d-lineman. Nothing like a battle for the second blocking tight end spot between him and Stupar.

Wide Receiver D+
Tight End C+


  1. Steve Johnson will be number two. He's got size and didn't get the opportunity last season. Vocal support means Steve's friends.

  2. Shawn Nelson is a good 2nd option at TE. Chan Gailey has generally had a workhorse RB who gets the majority of the touches. I think Jackson will be the starter and probably have the most catches especially if Edwards is the QB. Hard to gauge pass catching option when the Bills have nothing at QB. The Bills are probably one of the 3 worst teams at every offensive position except RB. They've got to find a QB if they ever plan on doing anything worthwhile. Edwards Brohm and Fitz are all Gail Gilbert on their best day.

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