Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 Buffalo Bills training camp preview: Running Back

by Steve

In our continuing series previewing the Buffalo Bills 2010 training camp (starts in 8 days) here is a break down of the only position the Bills have talent and probably will still suck at.

Let's face it, teams are going to crowd the box with at least 11 or 12 maybe 15 dudes if they can until the Bills prove they can throw the rock down the field. No one is expecting or even dreaming of that happening this year so I guess it is a good thing there are three NFL caliber running backs on the roster. My depth chart:

Marshawn Lynch
Moronshawn Lynch had one of the worst 2009's perhaps in the entire league if not country. He fell farther than Lindsey Lohan for christ sake. Allegedly stealing Jacksons from cops wives, drilling Canadian chicks with his SUV, getting caught with guns and weed, suspensions, gaining weight, losing his starting position, holy shit!

It isn't tough to say he'll have a bounce back year. Does he even have a choice? He seems to be stuck here, he still has the talent, and he hopefully has the motivation . It is time for Moronshawn to disappear and the former pro-bowler (errr alternate) to return and beeeeeesh mo suckas all over the field.

CJ Spiller
Awful draft pick that I'll never come around on, unless he turns into the real CJ Chris Johnson ASAP. He is going to miss a big chunk of training camp and is currently 3rd on the depth chart, slotted to play special teams. Thanks Buddy/Chan/Tom.

The only hope for Spiller coming out of the gate will be to use him in the passing game and on sweeps and shit. He has the wheels so it's up to Modkins and Gailey to devise ways to feed this kid the rock and get him in open space. Anyone have confidence that will happen? Anyone know who the f Curtis Modkins is?

Fred Jackson
People love this dude. The only real reason is because he is the anti Moronshawn Lynch. He wasn't handed anything, meaning he went to Coe College, played in NFL Europa or the arena league or whatever and was on the Bills practice squad. Oh, and he doesn't break numerous laws all over town.

Bottom line is he is a tweener who is aging (although he doesn't have a lot of miles on him) and probably already peeked. He had to do everything but cheat to get 1,000 yards last year and isn't a between the tackles every down back. He is effective as the change of pace guy and can make plays running and catching. Freddy J isn't fast but he is smart. A lot of teams would like to have a player like him on their roster so he's definitely worth keeping around.

Grade B+

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  1. Spiller missing time in camp is no big deal. Lynch and Spiller would be a nice combo. NFL teams never make deals at the deadline but if a teams starter goes down I think the Bills could swing a deal.