Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lynch: We're going to ball

Tim Graham:

"I'm here, and I'm going to be here," Lynch told me last week before the Bills wrapped up their mandatory minicamp and broke for the summer.

"I'm ready to play regardless of whether I'm unhappy or not."

Lynch didn't seem to have a problem with the backfield troika.

"I'm in the mix," Lynch said. "I'm cool."

While I interviewed Lynch, Spiller walked up from behind and grabbed him in a playful bear hug.

"That's my baby boy right there," Lynch said. "My little little. Junior!"

There clearly was no animosity emanating from Lynch.

"I see things getting better for us as a group," he said. "We all complement each other, I feel. You got a couple backs that just fly. You got some backs that'll just bruise. And then you got backs that can do it all.

"With all of them on the field, it's endless, the amount of production that you can see. But one thing about us all, we're all going to ball."

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  1. If the Bills had a QB who could keep 8 men out of the box they probably would be able to ball.