Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Countdown to 2010 Buffalo Bills training camp O-line

by Steve

Don't look now but the Buffalo Bills 2010 training camp starts in ten days. Yup, July 29th. Yes this is one of the least interesting most boring least motivating alienating team possibly ever this is still Buffalo. So here is our Ten Days til training camp preview starting on day 10 with the offensive line:

Buffalo Bills 2010 Offensive Line Preview

Well, let's see, Buffalobills.com doesn't have a depth chart because they have to be ohhhhhhh so secretive so we'll go on a combination of websites and our own guestimating. It appears the Bills are shockingly bringing back four starters from their 2009 offensive line.

Left Tackle - Demetrius Bell
The mailman's son is back at left tackle after starting 8 games in 2009. He was injured last season in week 10 against the Titans ripping apart his knee. Bell didn't participate in optional team activities or mini camp but is expected to be available for the beginning of training camp. He was up and down and mostly down last year in the limited action he saw in his first season actually playing pro football. The jury is still out on whether Bell will be the opening day starter let alone whether he is the long term answer at the position.

Left Guard - Andy Levitre
2009 second round pick and potential stud Levitre may be the best player on this mediocre offensive line. He started all sixteen games last year and made the all rookie team in '09. Dude is versatile. He started at both guard and tackle last year although Nix has stated he is not considering moving him to tackle. Mark him down as probably getting injured because we are the Bills.

Center - Geoff Handgartner
Can anyone tell me why this dude is still the Bills starting center? He didn't play horribly last year but he didn't play great. He did start all sixteen games a year ago and at twenty-eight is still young enough to improve; but what was the point of drafting Eric Wood in the first round of '09 if he wasn't going to be the future stud center this team needs? He is also "versatile-ish" playing some tackle and guard in his career. Best case scenario he becomes solid o-line depth when Wood usurps him in camp.

Right Guard - Eric Wood
For my money this dude is only penciled here for another couple weeks. He was a first rounder and he has major up side.. as a CENTER. We do however all recall his gruesome leg injury last year and who knows if that is truly healed 100%. Although per numerous reports Wood is nearly back to full health miraculously and even participated in some mini camp/individual drills in the spring. That is all encouraging but until we see him in full contact drills and playing his true position skepticism is warranted.

Right Tackle - Cornell Green
Don't look now but the Bills are tentatively planning on playing another retread Oakland right tackle opening day (see: Langston Walker). So we pretty much know how this is going to go before the season even starts. 2009 was a god damn revolving door at RT and training camp will decide 100% who will be starting here against Miami week one. I am ready to hold my breath that Ed Wang will impress at camp and put up a challenge for Greeny. I am however unwilling to hold my breath that Kirk freakin Chambers will have any real chance at the position.

Grade C+


  1. The best way that Wood and Levitre can help the club is get Edwards and Brohm killed so retarded fans wouldn't want to give those bums a chance.

  2. C plus???????? r u fukin kidding me janis??? levitre blows.....