Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carlos Beltran in Buffalo?

by Steve

A reporter asked Jerry Manual after the Mets 3-1 loss to the Reds Wednesday whether he could confirm or deny Carlos Beltran was heading to Buffalo. And of course Manual's response was just a laugh.

Beltran is raking in Single A Port St Lucie. 11 games 40 at bats and a .400 batting average with 5 RBIs and a .957 OPS. Why not move him to Buffalo for the next two games in B-lo and the final two games at Rochester before the MILB break? Better competition, higher ticket sales and he's a step closer to Citi Field...

Then again who ever knows with this friggen organization. They have screwed up nearly every injury of every player seemingly since Minaya was hired. Plus Manual did say it was an option Beltran could be on the bench for the crucial Braves series this weekend.

Also there is this : "Manager Jerry Manuel told Mike Francesa on WFAN-Radio in New York that when Beltran (knee) returns after the All-Star break he will play the first two games in San Francisco, then get the next day or two off, ‘like Spring Training.’" And that July 15th is the targeted return date.

Basically we'll have to wait til sometime before Thursday's 7pm first pitch to know whether Carlos will be in the line up or not. So hold off on copping duckets just yet

Oh and Oli Perez was optioned to Buffalo today also. No comment on him..

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