Thursday, July 1, 2010

Buffalo Sabres sign D Jordan Leopold

by Steve

Woop woop, the Sabres do know it is the opening of free agency. Per TBN it was a three year $9 mil contract. Are we suppose to be impressed by this signing? The Sabres already lost two top four defenseman earlier in the day (Tallinder to NJ for 4 years and $13.5 mil and Lydman to ANA 3 years $9 mil)

So Lydman and Leopold get the exact same deal and presumably we could have either one so did we make the right decision? Leopold had more points last year but had a much worse +/-. Basically we aren't upgrading there and Weber is suppose to be at least as good as Tallinder if not better? Doesn't seem likely. Does this team have a god damn clue or any sort of a game plan?

Are we trying to get better and actually win a Stanley Cup? Ok fine building through free agency might not be the best move, then how about a trade ? Versteeg got traded, Byfuglin got traded, Ladd was moved none of them could have helped? The list goes on as the Sabres sit on the sidelines. Keep the core together, don't move anyone that might have more value now than tomorrow, hold your hand. FML.

I didn't even post about the free agency period beginning because I had 100% faith we would do nothing or nearly nothing. The Sabres lived up to my expectations which is saying they stood still in the sand and watched everyone else get better as per usual.

At what point do we all just stop being Buffalo sports fans?


  1. Last offseason fans would've killed for Lydman and Tallinder to be gone. Leopold's history makes Connolly look like an ironman.

  2. like playing 164 games the last two years? hahahah idiot


  3. Look at his injury history. Like this Also he got knocked out by Steve Ott earlier in his career. Has missed multiple parts of seasons. You're right he's a regular Lou Gehrig.