Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Day Later, Back from Cleveland

by Steve

The Bills won a "must win" game on the road that I attended (snapping my 7 game road L streak)?  Damn, who woulda thought.

The ticket cost $45, the trip took 3 hours and the tailgatingYI\48 (aside from having to pour your beer into cups) wasn't bad. Parking was $25 pretty close to the stadium near the rock n roll hall of fame.  And the lots were nearly full before 9am, so these fans at least know how to tailgate.

The crowd was relatively sparse and the upper decks were at least 35% Bills fans.  The only problem we had with fans was one lady getting up seemingly every play to go get something and some how she got pissed because we complained. "Respect the Browns season ticket holders"  OK lady it's called Midol.

The stadium was a bitch to get up to the upper level.  Instead of stairs it is just a long long winding slow slant upwards. BRUTE.

We still haven't learned a ton from the Bills.  The Cleveland Browns are a bad team with a loser head coach.  The front four owned the run defense is obviously much improved from previous years.

Sunday is gonna be nuts, bring your A game.

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