Thursday, September 6, 2012

Buffalo Bills 2012 season preview podcast

Steve and Coast are back for another season of podcasting previewing the upcoming 2012 season and looking ahead to the Jets game.



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  1. Tyler Brey talk loving it.. D dick getting rep huge.. Coast you can't see how people are saying we win 10 games? You serious hope your joking.. Ever hear of jets jets dolphins dolphins colts titans jags hawks cards rams.. Wow.. F stevey by the way joke is always hurt.. Only team I ever saw give long term deals to Hurt dudes.. Bellicheck wouldn't do that in 66 yrs.. F him.. Don't need him.. I like jones graham spiller split.. Chandy/ddick inside Freddy in the b-field .. Send tj or cj in motion.. Rex will be lost can't wait.. Bills 31-17.. Huge years from mckelvin Freddy cj chandler big years from stephon Nigel marcel Kyle Glenn.. Coast listen to podcast before week17 .. U said gailey should get fired.. Def agree .. Guy just loses.. Shoulda taken mallett 2 drafts ago but we gotta make the playoffs.. 11-5 win the east leggoo

  2. McGee hurt have him a big deal wow thanks Marv/Russ/buddy/whaley

  3. You know football is back when Wreck starts posting gold.

  4. Coast, love the realism. fuck the jets, fuck tebow and sanchez blows, santonio holmes? you're joking right?