Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UB Embarrassed 23-7 to Kent State

by Steve

Jeff Quinn is a loser.  I don't care that Brandon Oliver got hurt in the first half.  You have in prime time home game on ESPNU where basically nothing besides baseball is on and you lay this egg?  One touchdown on a lucky touchdown on a hail mary at the end of the first half?  Holy shit.

I understand UB is not a real college football team and they are a joke but not in the MAC.  Christ, you don't even show up against a Kent St. team that didn't even finish above .500 last year and has no quarterback worth mentioning?

Who is University at Buffalo's starting quarterback any way?  Alex Zordich was benched because he couldn't complete lacing his spikes let alone his cleats not to mention a pass?  Local boy Joe Licata may have been worse. WTF?

If Khalil Mack wasn't on this team and sans an injured Bo-O this team is talentless.  Holy shit.  What was the game plan, lose?

This program didn't just take a step back tonight they fell into disrepair and obscurity.  This game was a 100% joke and if this blog doesn't care I guarantee no one in Buffalo will care until there is change.  Good luck against a couple Big East teams coming up when you can't even challenge a middling MAC team at home, who ever that new DA is, wake the fuck up.

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