Monday, September 17, 2012

A day later how good a win feels

by Steve

Could there have been a more boring game that the Buffalo Bills scored five touchdowns in including a punt return TD?  Did anything even happen in the second half besides the Kansas City Chiefs and their dumbass coach taking three time outs at the end of the game sans any chance of winning? Great first half but that last 2 minutes was torturous.

Clifford now averaging a decent 10.1 yards per carry, Fitzpatrick appears to be a solid game manager quarterback and Kyle Williams served me a crow sandwich. Wait, does anyone remember that first drive when Fitz-noodle-arm-Fitzpatrick was booed off the field because of one of the worst passes I've ever seen?  You're right that rock skipper never happened.

The odds are that the KC Chiefs are just really awful more so than the Bills have corrected all their woes from a week previous.  Romeo Crennel is a straight up bum, but thankfully the Bills did remind us at least a bit why some picked them to win ten games.  But, is Mario Williams the third or even fourth best player on the d-line?

Damn I love me some Scott Chandler.  The Bills haven't had a player look so unathletic and awkward yet make plays since Jay Riemersma.  I wouldn't mind someone better but Chandler is a solid tightend in the National Football League.

Other than that there just isn't anything to complain about except maybe the cost of water at football games.  Damn I was thirsty for something other than beer yesterday during the game. (Also the wait to get into the stadium with the new metal detectors was nearly non-existent.  I waited maybe three minutes total, albeit a few people may have been skipped in line, ha.)

The watercooler will be reporting live from Cleveland Sunday so look for us and step yo game up.  And give me a few more days to determine who I'm going to call out because it worked like a charm for K-Will and Marcell Dareus. (oh and did anyone else notice my boy Alex Carrington making plays too, told you.)

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