Monday, September 10, 2012

A day later, the sky really is falling

by Steve

Someone tell me the last 36 hours were a nightmare-esque coma that never really happened.  The Bills get thoroughly embarrassed in all aspects of the game, the quarterback has zero credibility or upside, the running back is out half the season, the slot receiver is done for the year, the coach is a bum and they're 0-1 in the division.  The Buffalo Bills are dead after one week.

Is it just me or does this seem to happen every other year or so.  I'm not sure who said it today but there is some upside, at least we as fans don't have to be fooled into thinking the team was good only to find out mid way through the season the Bills suck. (oh yeah it was Jim Rome n/m).  So there is an upside!

Yeah the Jets are obviously a lot better than most gave them credit for and it is only one game.  But can anyone still make the case that Ryan Fitzpatrick is a good quarterback?  A QB that can lead this team to 10+ wins and a wildcard let alone a friggen home playoff game?  Didn't think so.  Please put the playbook inside your pillow case every night for osmosis purposes Tar-var (my new nickname for him)

The season isn't over yet, but if the Bills don't bounce back in a big way and quickly (like back to back must win games) the season will be over before October.  Just look at the schedule after the Browns game, yikes.

First things first, promote Marcus Easley from the practice squad, scour the Earth for a running back better than Johnny White and someone get in Mario "cry baby" Williams face and tell him to STFU.  Next, tell Marcell Dareus to dress the next 15 weeks as opposed to whatever he did in week 1.  Finally, find out what happen to the safeties against the Jets because they were abysmal.

The line opened up at Bills -3 against the Chiefs and presumably Eric Berry is god damn pissed.

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