Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Must win for the Buffalo Bills

by Steve

If this isn't a must win game for the Buffalo Bills it is about as close as it gets for a week 3 game.  We know, at least right now, the Cleveland Browns are not a good football team.  However, we pretty much have no clue what the Bills are after two games.

Chanwich, Fitz-noodle-arm and co got blasted by the Jets in week one on the road and destroyed the Chiefs at home the next week.  After the first game the team may have needed a players reward card to check out but bounced back against a far inferior team the next week.

Other than CJ Spiller being the (so far) break out star of the 2012 NFL season, do we know a damn thing about this team?  Okay, the team may be better against the run with a healthy Kyle Williams and an overpaid Mario Williams and the offensive line is solid.  That's it.

This game is a must win for a few reasons. The Browns consist of a rookie 29 year old QB who should be forced to make plays, a no name head coach, few if any play makers on defense oh and I'm attending the game which is always a colossal failure.

If the Bills drop this game, even with an allegedly easy schedule, will have a near-impossible time getting into the playoffs.  Furthermore, if they lose this game they clearly aren't ready to make a run at the playoffs.  The next few games into the bye do not look promising if Buffalo is 1-2 after Sunday (think 2-5)

Feeling surprisingly optimistic, I'm predicting an eight game road L streak snapping and the Bills winning comfortably but with the end always in doubt.

19-13 Bills

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