Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A day later, Bills in first?!

by Steve

I'm not going to refute all of Coast's negativity after he just came out of retirement to write that rambling diatribe because he was mostly right.  No, I don't want Chan Gailey fired I want him never hired in the first place but it's too late for that.

But hey, the Buffalo Bills are in first place after 6 weeks!  The Bills couldn't even say that last year when many thought they might actually maybe were good.  Granted, they're 0-2 in the division and haven't even beaten the Dolphins in three years.  And yes the quarterback is one of the worst in the league, they don't utilize their best player nearly enough and the defense always gets shredded by the other teams best player.

Yet, a majority of the team's remaining games are at home (6/10 [assuming you consider Toronto home])), Chanwick and co. have doubled their away victories from a season ago and Mario Williams finally showed up for a game.

A few other thoughts on the Arizona (near) debacle.  I agreed with the punt on 4th and 10 from the Cardinals 35 in overtime.  If Rian Lindell makes that kick (at beast 50/50) AZ still gets the ball back.  Yes, the backup QB was in there but didn't he just get them down the field for consecutive field goal tries? And if they scored a touchdown they'd win.  And I don't want to hear advanced NFL statistics winning %, how many over time games have their been with the new format where a field goal on the first possession doesn't auto win the game?  I trusted the defense more than the idiot kicker.

If Lindell misses Skelton and co. have all the momentum and need maybe 25 yards to have a chance at winning the game outright. The three straight pass plays made little to no sense and even less sense than the wildcat call.  That play was indeed horrible but the execution was worse.  Shouldn't they have told Brad Smith (one of their four quarterbacks and three kickers on the roster fwiw) to NOT throw the god damn ball if Don Jones wasn't open?  That again falls on Gailey and Wreck's boy Curt Modkins as failed coaching.

The Bills opening line against backup Matt Hasselbeck and the Tennessee Titans is -3 with the money heavy on the Bills (-125).  All ya gotta do is enough to win and get to the BYE guaranteeing to remain (tied) in first place for at least another week.  The Jets play @ the Patriots and Miami is on the bye.

Oh and we resigned Shawne Merriman? wo0t, o/u number of games he is active this season 1.5. Bang the under.

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