Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Day Later, Really?!

by Steve

What is left to say after that game?  The Buffalo Bills do not play in the same league as the San Francisco 49ers or the New England Patriots.  Whether it is a form of college football or some sort of pseudo-pro league it doesn't really matter.  This team sucks and there isn't anything good about them.

Is it possible that Aaron Williams and Steph Gilmore are that bad?  It has to be a little bit coaching at least right?  How can this group of players be historically bad?  That isn't even hyperbolic, they are historically bad.

The question has to whether the team quit on Chan Gailey doesn't really matter.  If they didn't quit wouldn't that be worse?  Because that would mean they were trying and that is all they could muster. God damn.

The season isn't over and it is possible the Bills just played the two best teams in the league but clearly they aren't in the same league.  Beat Arizona and Tennessee and we won't really remember this games that much.  But obviously we can't count on any game as a win at this point.

One last thing, Bud Nix knows at this point Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the QB in 2013 right?  He knows Chan Gailey is a loser, correct?  Gailey will be going into the final year of his contract and we know how that played out with the last coach that went into his final year.  Kill me now.


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