Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bills 19 Cardinals 16, Fire Chan Gailey


The Bills may have beaten the Arizona Cardinals today 19-16 in overtime, but I aboslutely feel sick about our coaching staff, especially Chan Gailey. I am officially done with Chan Gailey as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills and all this win does is delay the inevitable of what is going to turn out to be another below .500 season.

The Bills were winning 16-13 late in the 4th quarter, have the ball inside Arizona territory, driving by running the football down Arizona's throat. The first mistake was that the Bills went into the wildcat. There is a time for the wildcat, I guess, but this was not one of those times. Then, to have Brad Smith throw the football deep is just mind boggling. Of course the pass was intercepted and Arizona drove down and hit a 61 yard field goal to tie the game. If Feely hits the 38 yard field goal and the Bills would have lost, this call would have gone down in history as one of the worst calls in franchise history. Right up there with the Losman play action pass fumble against the Jets, the Travis Henry half back pass, the screen on 4th and goal to Fred Jackson in a blizzard versus Cleveland, etc. In all seriousness, this was an ALL TIME BAD play call. Gailey is lucky the Bills won because this call should have cost him his job, period.

Gailey kept the ineptitude going on the next Bills possession. After a sack on first down, the Bills made absolutely no attempt to get a first down while Arizona called timeout after timeout to get the football back with over a minute left. Gailey showed both no guts and also showed absolutely no confidence in his quarterback. I am not saying he should have confidence in his quarterback, but by not trying to get a first down and punting there, you are basically saying you don't want to win the football game. That was Jauronian.

Not to be overshadowed is how Gailey handles the running backs. I know this might not be a big deal to some, but CJ Spiller is the best player on our football team. He is a threat every time he touches the football. When he doesn't touch the ball, but is on the field, teams need to pay attention to him. He should be on the field every single play, unless he needs a breather, but he isn't. Look, Fred Jackson is a good player and a better guy and leader, but if you think that he is as productive as CJ Spiller right now, you are dreaming. Teams are not worried about Fred Jackson anymore. CJ Spiller needs to be the focal point of our offense. The numbers speak for themselves. 12 carries for 88 yards today. He made a huge play on our 2nd half touchdown drive. He is averaging 7.6 yards per carry on the season. 7.6 yards per carry. And, he played half the snaps. Joke. Not to trash talk Jackson, but he is averaging 2.6 yards per carry. He is two leg injuries away from the first half of 2011. Trade him to Green Bay while he has some value. Jackson 21 touches, Spiller 16. It just doesn't make any logical sense.

I know I am being ultra negative, but a win like this really does nothing to help my optimism. I think it would be hard to argue that the Bills are as good as Miami or the Jets, so I believe they are the 4th best team in the AFC East. This is the type of win that causes a team to have the 10th pick instead of 6th. I will say, Jairus Byrd made two great plays, Mario Williams looked alive and had two sacks, albeit against a horrible offensive line. That is all I can say about a defense that allowed 182 yards rushing to a team who was missing their first two running backs.

Here's to the Bills beating Tennessee, entering the bye at 4-3, only to lose 2 more to Miami, 1 to Houston, 1 to New England, 1 to Seattle and another bad loss in there to finish 7-9.


  1. He just won an overtime game. This is when the Bills sign him to a 3 year extension.

  2. Wowwww t hanks halfback pass fml

  3. After today's loss to the Titan's and the Bills defense unable to put any defensive pressure on the Titans with Quaterback missed passed and game losing interception...JP Losman won more games than Fitz has here and Losman was benched and released. Gailey and Wantstandt need to be fired for their inability to coach the skilled players and talent that is on the field. The defensive players acted as if they were lost out there. Sorry Dave, your no NFL assistent coach and defensive coach, we can all see that. Chan you have spent 3 years ruining a good football team, when is Ralph going to say enough and fire you too?

  4. My football team the Buffalo Bills have been through the mill with Chan Gailey....he talks about the team lacking mental toughness, but his college level coaching methods in the NFL subject the talented players to mental weakness, your are no good for the team Chan, you do not set them up for success. Get rid of Fitzpatrick in the fourth quarter, he alwas looses games with interceptions in the fourth quarter like what happened today.. Chan qute abusing my football team mentally

  5. I grew up in Portland, couldn't rout for the seahawks, raiders or 49ers. I turned my back to the t.v. when I was 12 years old to hear norwood push it wide right. As all of you have, we have suffered. This team has never been the same since Levy, Kelly, Smith, Thomas, Reed, Lofton, Tasker and all the other memorable players......but since then, the most memorable player has been a tiny Doug Flutie, who always had the threat of Rob Johnson on his back.....We have flashes of greatness, like when we beat the patriots after we acquired Lawyer Milloy and then the 4-0 start with Trent Edwards until he was knocked out and with that concussion went his confidence....then last year, we were riding high going 5-1 but as a Bills fan, you are always waiting for the wheels to come off, for a messed up play to change the momentum, like the Bills last Monday Night game.....At Home, Cowboys losing, field goal up, misses but oh no we mess up and they get a do over. Skeptical we are at best. But what is the worst, is knowing you have the offense and defense skill players to do what needs to be done and we have lackluster, go ole boy gailey.....just taking it all in stride and Wantstedt doing nothing with a very talented group of players...........Is Fitz, the answer, hes what we have but we have the best running back tandem in the NFL, a very good wide receiver, a good TE but we can't frickin stop anyone from scoring......Im glad to see that we made all the fantasy owners of Chris Johnson happy. You know what, we should have hired Perry Fewell as a head coach.

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