Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Titans 35 Bills 34 F

by Steve

Jacksonville home opener '04, Pittsburgh season finale 04, Dallas MNF 07, Denver home opener 07, am I missing any? Maybe a lame San Francisco or Miami game that year too?  Add this one to the list of Ralph debacles over the past 8 or so years. FML.

Throwing across your body on 3rd and long late in the 4th up 6 for an interception? 4th and 9 and no one steps up? Reinventing Chris Johnson one pathetic run at a time? Refusing to go for two down by two points while you're running game is shredding Tennessee's defense?  Is Chanwhick Gailey's How to Lose a Football Game manual in paperback yet or is only out on the Kindle?

If I wasn't surprised or didn't see it coming I might have actually been upset walking out of the stadium after that debacle.  Who is still surprised at this point?  Even if they won (and gave us false hope for another 4-5 weeks) we all knew the verdict on this season before jury deliberation commenced.  This team sucks, this coach is a loser and this quarterback is not taking any team any where.

Yeah, sure, fire Dave Wannstedt (won't happen) going into the BYE and give us something else to talk about but it won't matter who is coaching this defense, they suck.  Albeit Stachstedt couldn't be doing any worse.  How is this run defense WORSE than last year?  Is there one player on this defense worth inviting back next year?

The season is over yet again before the calendar reads November and yet again this franchise proves from top down they are a joke.  The pits if you will.


  1. This post could be from any season this century.

  2. i meant to post it monday but my internet has been down. -steve