Thursday, October 25, 2012

Buffalo Bills BYE week Podcast

Steve Wreck and Coast delve deeply into the depths of despair as Bills fans, look to last and the future and beyond.  This is what podcasts are made for son.


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  1. Boys, boys, boys, boys, boys ....

    Tim, do you not remember standing on P-Reg's porch late August having a cigar with me and you said the defense is good enough to take this team to the playoffs, and I said no it's not, but I hope you're right? Because I do and now you're saying the exact opposite. Hmmm. And I agree with you Tim, we do need a RB in round 1 or 2 this year.

    I can't wait for Rash to show up at 430 UConn at 5:15pm next Thursday waiting for Janis to get home from work.

  2. Ahhhh fml cut Barnett Aaron Williams George Wilson McGee Kelsay today!

  3. Schrum people thought I was filling my gas tank for Hurricane was really for West Seneca...whoo boy...huge plug for the Rash last podcast I love it...I would fire the following people in this order: Dave Wannstedt, Giff Smith, Doug Whaley, Eric Ciano, John Gamble...guarantee half of the people visiting this blog have no idea who any of those people are...can't wait to break it down next podcast. I'm not in love with Fitzpatrick but when you're up 34-28 at home in the fourth your defense needs to step it up...anyone see Collin Klein light up Texas Tech last weekend? There's still room on the bandwagon...Rash's Big Board coming soon...56-13 Texans Sunday ouch...Coast we poppin' bottles or what? Janis you bring the Steveweisers I'll bring the insightful statistics...shoutout to Wreck, you are the Elliot Stabler of the podcast