Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mario Williams is a Bust? STFU

by Steve

Did I really have to listen to WGR550 all fuckin day long arguing that Mario Williams is a bust and that basically it is the worst contract ever in the history of the world?  I am no Buffalo Bills apologist by any means but give me a break. 7 games 3.5 sacks, wrist surgery, some of the worst defense played in the history of the National Football League and it is all Williams fault and he is a bust?

Look, before the season I wasn't in love with M-Dubs and actually predicted Mark Anderson would have more sacks.  But I loved the signing even if there was no way he ever lived up to all the hype and expectations.  But if we're already willing to cut the guy or through him under the bus and label him a bust already what fucking hope do we have?

The guy certainly hasn't played well, he hasn't lived up to expectations and isn't even getting double teamed.  He hasn't handled the media all that well and comes off as a bit of a primadonna.  And to those saying his team mates resent him or he is a cancer in the locker room who gives a shit, that locker room has been a useless disaster for 12 years.  The guy just needs to be more of a leader and tell some of these alleged discontented players to STFU too.

Why wasn't he on the injury report? I don't know, is the surgery or "procedure" secretive (for now) yeah, but couldn't this supposedly phantom injury THAT NEEDED SURGERY be an actual excuse for why he hasn't played well? Now that he is the guy and the $100 million man isn't it plausible he could be understating the injury and feels a responsibility to his team/contract to play through it any way?

Jared Allen his first season on a new team, Minnesota, had a grand total of 5 sacks (1.5 more) and had a record offff 3-4.  Julius Peppers? 2 sacks in his first 7 games on Chicago (for a total of 8 in 16 games) albeit the Bears were 4-3 overall.  The other way?  Jason Babin last year, his first with Philly had 9 sacks in his first 7 games, damn.

Either way, seven games into a 96 game contract and the guy already is the worst, is the worst take I've heard since Ryan Fitzpatrick is actually a franchise quarterback.  The guy has sucked and the defense has been worse but I'm giving this guy at least 32 games and at least a few games where he is healthy before I slow down a school bus with his corpse.

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