Monday, December 1, 2014

Bills 26 Browns 10 F

By Steve

Wait, the Bills actually took care of business at home for a change and gave us meaningful football in December? Holy shit.

Granted, it was ugly, actually realllly ugly at times but a win is a win is a win. So who deserves the credit? A quarterback and an offense that scored zero points in the first half? Sammy Watkins who was a nonfactor all day? Clearly the only people that get credit are the monsters on the defense killing fools.

From the front four to the linebackers and even a secondary that ball hawks and makes plays. This defense is legit. Im not sure if they have a weakness. Then again they do play against 3 of the best QBs in the league this month so we'll see. But against most teams in this league this defense shines.

How damn much is Jerry Hughes going to get in March? This guy is starting to change my mind into thinking he's worth paying. Dareus keeps adding zeros to his next contract and so is Nigel Bradham.

Just imagine if Bryce Brown doesn't fumble against the Chiefs and Scott Chandler doesn't have boners for hands! The Bills would be 8-4 and in the drivers seat in the wild card. But alas they aren't and will need a miracle four straight weeks in December to break a 14 year drought.

So they beat the Browns and did what they needed to do which with even those low standards is an upgrade over previous seasons. Marrone has almost certainly bought himself another season besting the teams he is supposed to win. But now its time to see how great this defense truly is against Manning, Rodgers and Brady.

No I still don't love Doug Marrone, Kyle average Orton or Natty daddy Hackett but at this point I'll take it. I mean they have given us something we havent had since 2004.. Meaningful football in December.


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