Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Peace Out Doug Marrone, loser

By Steve

No doubt it is shocking that Doug Marrone opted out of his contract but it isn't a big loss. The guy is a career loser. He was 25-25 at Syracuse and 15-17 in two years in Buffalo.

Quite clearly it was a dick off between him and Terry Pegula. He had $4 guaranteed even if he opted out for the 2015 season. He probably wanted Doug Whaley gone and to pick hiz personel man. Even PFT speculates this is the case..

"It’s also unclear whether and to what extent Marrone tried to parlay his Parcells-style cash-and-carry contract into an extension, a raise, more power, and/or the termination of certain members of the front office.  It’s possible Marrone went all in, the Pegulas called his bluff, and now he’s gone."

Pegula has to take a big swing. He basically pushed Marrone out and has unlimited money. Some of these loser wash outs thrown around lately will not suffice. Make Marrone regret this decision the rest of his life.

The Bills can and should be better. Leggggggo!

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