Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 14 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After an "important" win at home against the Browns and in the thick of a wild card race let's see where the national media has the Buffalo Bills:

ESPN 17 up 1
"While the world watched Johnny Manziel, Buffalo quietly won by 16 points. Though the Bills still play the Raiders, they will likely need to find two wins against the Broncos, Packers and Patriots"

A reality check with the Bills the second lowest ranked team of the 7-5 teams

CBS  17 up 1
"That defense will keep them in a lot of games. They are still alive for a playoff spot."


NFL 15 up 3
"Big win for the Bills, who are riding the NFL's most underrated defense to a possible playoff spot. Now, it goes without saying that this head-to-head victory over the Browns looms large in the postseason push. The thinking here is that it will take 10 wins to get into the tournament on the AFC side. So, # BillsMafia, can Buffalo take three out of four vs. Denver, Green Bay, Oakland and New England -- with three of those four on the road? Are Andre Reed and Joe Cribbs still in football shape?""

WTF? Joe Cribbs? I don't think a 56 year old running back is what this team needs..

Yahoo 16 up 2
"The defense is really good. I just don’t see how they get into the playoffs, which is a shame."

If they are so good they should be able to compete with GB NE DEN!!

15. Buffalo Bills (No. 18; 7-5): After two steps forward, the one step back comes in Denver this weekend.

Florio pulling no punches.

17. Buffalo Bills (7-5). Previously: #18

Highest ranking 15 lowest ranking 17.  Not a lot of deviation at this point. Strangest comment from the NFL.com dude.

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