Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bills at Raiders Stat Preview

by Steve

The Bills roll out to Oakland in a must win game in the heat of a Wild Card battle looking for their first win in this god forsaken place since 1964.  The Bills are giving the most points I can recall ever (they're -7, over under is 39.5) on the road.  Clearly the Oakland Raiders are horrendous but this is the NFL where any given Sunday anyone can win (except the Bills at New England)

The Bills appear to be better than the Raiders in ever facet of the game.  They even have a better head coach which is god damn rare. Interim head coach Tony Sparano should be familiar to all Bills fans.  Wow, just looked it up, Sparano was 5-2 against the Bills in his career.  Holy shit!  The Dolphins were actually 6-2 against the Bills in his four seasons but he was fired the week before the Dolphins came to the Ralph and interim head coach Todd Bowles fuckin won.

This knowledge kinda scares me but it is still rookie Derek Carr vs one of if not these best defenses in the league.  Basically all the Bills have to do to win this game is have Kyle Orton throw zero touchdowns in the wrong direction and not fumble the ball out of the back of either endzone.

The Bills have to win this game and make next week at New England matter.  For christ's sake it can't be that difficult can it?  Doug Marrone has gotten his team up a few times this year when I feared they wouldn't get up (half time v Minny, Bills v Jets at Detroit and the second half v Cleveland).  So I shockingly have some faith in Marrone to have his team ready to trounce these losers.  Prediction at the bottom.

Bills Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 15th
Yards per Game: 23rd
Points per Game: 18th 22
Turnovers: 5th (+10)
3rd Down %: 24th 37%
Passing Yards: 19th 224
Rushing Yards: 24th 98

Raiders Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 25th
Yards per Game: 32nd
Points per Game:  32nd 15
Turnovers: 32nd -16
3rd Down %: 28th 34%
Passing Yards: 24th 210
Rushing Yards: 32nd 74

Bills Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 5th 313
Points Allowed Per Game: 5th 18
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 9th 103
Passing Allowed Per Game: 5th 210
Sacks: 1st 49
Total Turnovers: 30

Raiders Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 18th 354
Points Allowed Per Game: 30th 27
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 25th 125
Passing Allowed Per Game: 8th 228
Sacks: 30th 19
Total Turnovers: 11

Bills win 24-9 zero touchdowns

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