Monday, December 22, 2014

The Bills Are a Disaster

By Steve

Tricked again. What a surprise. I was on board and then Doug Marrone and his Buffalo Bills lose to the 2-12 Oakland Raiders with an interim head coach and a rookie QB. WTF? (Tony Sparano now 6-2 vs the Bills as a head coach)

The offense was abysmal and the defense gave up the 2nd most points the Raiders had all season and lost 26-24. How?

The season is and was a complete waste. There is no building off this season into next year. Defenses fluctuate from year to year. The head coach will be a lame duck. They have no QB, no first round pick and little if any hope.

I dont give a shit about beating a good team like the Packers or Lions if you cant win games you absolutely need to ala the Raiders and Chiefs. 4-0 against the NFC North? Who gives a shit when you go 0-4 against the much more important AFC West. Pathetic.

Firing Marrone is the easy answer but unless Pegula takes a monster swing and signs someone like Jim Harbaugh or Gus Malzahn whats the point? Then again even Chip Kelly coached like a loser this season.

Can I get a proven winner? Someone that actually thinks different than all these loser moron coaches that are scared for their lives and always punt? Did the Bills try even one trick play this year? Did they do anything to surprise anyone? Did anyone ever say the Bills out coached them ever?

Nate Hackett has to be fired one hundred percent no doubt about it. I dont care that the offensive line was horrid or Kyle Orton is a limited loser. Where is the originality? This offense is pathetic. 7 point favorites and you weren't even close to winning this must win game.

The more things change the more they stay the same. Losers. All of em.

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