Saturday, October 6, 2007

Casual Sports Takes

by Steve

  • The Phillies embarrassed the National League East this weekend, thanks for showing up Chase, J-ro, and the gang. Swept holy shit c'mon.
  • Aw poor cub fans like you aren't all bandwagon assholes go suck a dick and wait another 90 some years.
  • No one is watching the NLCS. I am a huge fan of baseball and haven't heard of a lot of the jokes on these two teams. BUT, Chris B. Young is a baller, Stephen Drew is a beast and JD Drew's brother. Justin Upton is BJ Upton's brother and is getting meaningful at bats already in the post season, and Conner Jackson can rake.
  • The Rockies don't lose.
  • College football is stupid. Goooo Stanford Cardinals!
  • I give Trent aka TreD Edwards credit for that upset, I honestly do.
  • The Sabres suck, Darc/Quinny stabbed the Sabres the fans and the city of Buffalo in the back. True it is early but this team looks like shit. No leadership no grit no heart no clutch players just a bunch of young unproven over paid kids. Not Ideal.
  • DiPietro and Miller are the top American goal tenders in the World? Sucks for Team USA.
  • Looks like Ruff has cashed it in. He is without answers and can you really blame him? Great hearing from your head coach that, "Ruff acknowledged it took him more than a month to get over losing Drury and Briere, two players he had come to rely on heavily to get his message across and keep his team focused. It wasn't until late August that he finally began to look ahead." HOLY SHIT THIS TEAM IS SCREWED
  • The Bills have a chance on Monday. They have to win the turnover battle play like they did against the Jets and pressure Tony Homo. They have to get production from their shitty over paid D ends big time.
  • The line of Dallas -10 is big. That means on a neutral playing field the line would be -13 and in Dallas -16. The line against the Fagtriots was 16, c'mon the Cowdouches aren't as good as New England, not even close. If you want to win some money, tease the Bills on Monday probably the under too.
  • The Yankees suck, and their manager is over rated. Alex Rod might get $30+ mil a season but he isn't worth it. He can't do anything in the playoffs and will probably never win anything. I really would love, for the good of baseball if he went to say the Pirates or something. In reality it makes sense. The city would love him, there isn't much pressure, the team would instantly be better in the regular season and he would draw attention away from the pinstriped homos and onto other teams in the league.
  • DJ Mariano Posado Pettitte Mussina, is over you're too old let go
  • TRAVIS HENRY is the dumbest person in the history of athletic competition congratulations! gets 9 women pregers and smokes weed when he can't. 24 million reasons not too.

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